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  1. I saw a program discussing the things that may or may not be sticking around after Covid. One of the things that was stated was that there would be an app for the fun times instead of the paper ones. The app is convenient, but I love the paper ones. Has anyone heard any truth to this? Just curious.
  2. We have booked a cruise for the end of September. Crossing fingers that we will be safely cruising by then. I am worried about hurricanes. I was in NY when Sandy whipped through and cruise passengers in Jersey were screwed because where they parked got flooded. We were also in Charleston last year and had to deal with flooding with just a rain storm, obviously not as bad as a hurricane. But, because of the flooding we saw I'm thinking it floods pretty easily there. Is this just me being paranoid or is this just the risk I have to be willing to take during hurricane season. If there is a
  3. That's the name of the hotel. Like Hilton or Marriot.
  4. Has anyone stayed here and if so, do you recommend it. I searched in this forum and only one topic came up so I'm curious if it's a good hotel? We are just staying one night and wanted an ocean view. TIA!
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the freesyle dailies for the 11 day cruise? I tried searching and cant locate any. TIA!
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