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  1. We loved the Magic! Hoping to sail her again soon. We have a cruise booked for November too.....crossing my fingers for both of us!
  2. We sailed on the Glory in 2015 when she was in Miami. It was one of our favorite cruises! Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  3. Our cruise is not until November 2020, so it is not paid in full. We did not get OBC, our rate just got lowered for what we owe. Our cruise doesn't have to be paid in full until the end of August so any reductions will just lower the price that we owe. If we had paid in full it would be OBC, but we haven't.
  4. Our rate on our upcoming Panorama cruise dropped twice yesterday. I submitted the early saver price protection form and both times got a response within 15 minutes that it had been approved. We save $410 yesterday alone on our spa balcony. Hoping it goes down some more too!
  5. I told my husband yesterday this was coming. We have a cruise booked on RCCL leaving April 19th. I told him there is a very good chance we won't sail. So far our sail date isn't one of the ones cancelled but they could very well extend the cancellation past 30 days. I think Carnival will follow suit shortly.
  6. We had a party of 12 on the Vista and all of us were in Havana Cabanas. We never had problems getting a lounger by the pool. Most of the time we were the only ones out by the pool. We loved the area for that exact reason. It was so quiet and we got to know all the waiters and they took great care of us all week. We will cruise in a Havana cabana anytime we get the chance!
  7. Thank you for your replies! I just found a video on YouTube and there are no roofs over deck 12 balconies. We will be calling Carnival to move both rooms. I just wish they would tell you these things when you are booking that class of rooms. We would have never chosen those rooms had we known.
  8. We booked a cruise on the Panorama for November 2020. We booked it about 6 months ago and chose a spa balcony since we have never stayed in that type of room. We always do a regular balcony or a Havana patio. I just saw another posting that someone said the spa balconies don't have roofs on them....they are open to the deck above. Does anyone know if that is true? I tried looking on Carnival's website and it doesn't say anything about it nor did they say that when we booked it. We like spending time on our balconies, but will not like it if there is zero shade. I know we can switch rooms, but a regular balcony room is more than what we paid for the spa balcony because we booked it so long ago. I am going to call Carnival and see what they say but just checking to see if anyone has any first had experience first. Thank you!
  9. I am the exact same way! I am on vacation, I would rather sit at the port and wait than sit at home or at the hotel.
  10. Looking forward to reading along as you cruise. We sailed on the Vista last year and loved it. We were in a Havana cabana and loved walking right out to the Ocean Plaza in the morning and grabbing a quick bite although I don't care for precooked scrambled eggs....I am a little high maintenance and go to the omelette station when I want eggs. Enjoy your mimosas....I always bring champagne on board to make my own also!
  11. We had a Havana Cabana on the Vista last year and it was the best money we have ever spent and will book one anytime we cruise on a ship that has them. We loved walking right out our back door on to our patio and then around the corner to the bar & pool that was never crowded. It is 100% worth it to us!
  12. The last couple of times we have gone our entire group was in shorts because that is what we all had on. You will see a little bit of everything. There were plenty of people in shorts and also in dresses. You will be fine in whatever you choose.
  13. It took us 13 cruises. We started in 2010 and became platinum on our cruise in April 2019.
  14. Thank you for the responses! We are booked on the Carnival Panorama for November 2020. We have never been to California or this side of Mexico, so we are really looking forward to it.
  15. Looking forward to your review as always! We are sailing on the Panorama for a Mexican Riviera cruise in November 2020 and are really looking forward to it as we have only done Caribbean cruises. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife! We flew to Maui for our 25th anniversary....we love Hawaii!!
  16. Thank you for the responses! I think we will look at November instead and hopefully it won't be as hot. We are from South Texas so we are used to hot & humid.
  17. We are going to book a Mexican Riviera cruise for 2020. We are thinking the end of September or in October. We typically do Caribbean cruises so I have no idea about the weather in the Mexican Riviera. Will it still be warm in October? I know the weather is unpredictable, just looking for a little insight. Thank you!
  18. They are included in the cheers package. We didn't buy the drink package, but we brought 12 bottles of champagne on board and then went to the lido and got juice and hung out by the back pool the whole morning and drank our mimosas.
  19. Looking forward to the rest of your review! We are considering the 11 day Journey cruise to Hawaii in September 2020. We love Maui and are excited for the chance to visit again.
  20. No offense taken....thanks for your reply!!
  21. Once again, I know what the fee is for. The OP asked for any recent experience on corkage fees and I was just stating my experience.
  22. I understand that and know exactly what they say the corkage fee is for. I was just stating my experience. There is no way we were going to pay a $15/bottle corkage fee for a $10 bottle of champagne for mimosas. In all of our cruises, we have never been charged when we bring our own wine to the dining room. I have no issue with it, I just choose not to pay it and will consume my champagne elsewhere on the boat and not pay a corkage fee. I spend plenty on alcohol elsewhere on the ship, so I'm not paying to uncork the few bottle I brought from home.
  23. We just got off the Valor last week. One morning our group of 12 went to the dining room for the sea day brunch. We brought 6 bottles of champagne with us to have mimosas. The waiter had no problem with us and went to get us juice. A few minutes later he came over and said that his boss had told him that he needed to charge us $15 per bottle. Needless to say we passed and just took them up to the Lido after breakfast and enjoyed them there. We have taken wine on many cruises and never had a problem, but it was a no go on this one. Lately we just pour a glass for each of us in our room before dinner and then just carry it to dinner to avoid the charge. I think its ridiculous that they allow you to bring it on and you can enjoy it anywhere else on the ship with no charge but if you take it in the dining room they want to charge you. We always bring our own corkscrew so it's not like we need help opening it and in the case of the champagne we popped our own corks, but I love Carnival so its just one of those things I ignore.
  24. I would definitely book a regular balcony. It will be plenty of room for 2 people and it is nice to just sit outside on the balcony sometimes and relax and read or watch the waves go by.
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