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  1. As soon and as often as I can without reservation.
  2. The great thing about going on a cruise is that it provides something for everyone. You don't have to enjoy everything to enjoy yourself. Apparently movies shown on the ship is clearly not important to many who have posted here. The fact is that my DW and I don't drink alcohol and have absolutely no interest in posts about wine and smuggling but we don't belittle those who ask questions or who wish to post about it. If it is important to others then that is what this forum is for. The OP had a valid post about something that applies to their joy in cruising. If you are not a movie b
  3. A favorite stop for us each time that we cannot miss is Cheese Burger in Paradise, 2500 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
  4. Recommendations for the best route would be appreciated.
  5. Take good care of the Star we board her when you get off January 3, for 25 days.
  6. I have read that an email will be sent about two weeks before the cruise with this information. My DW and I are booked on a B2B on the Star beginning January 3 and continuing the 13th. I expect to get an email next week with a movie list. If I do I will post it.
  7. Guess I will wait and see what they send. LOL Forgot they do that. Looking forward to the trip so much and just trying to plan and get ready as well as dream a little. Been on dozens of cruises but still get excited and look forward to each.
  8. Thank you for the list. I am sure it will be different some by January but gives us an idea of what to expect.
  9. I would like to see a list of current movies as well.
  10. The most dangerous part of your trip will be traveling through LA to get to the port. There will be a whole lot more traffic accidents, drive by shootings, and other crime in the USA than in La Paz. 😉
  11. Trust you will have a great 50th and trip. Happy for you. My DW and I sail on the Star on a B2B in January for our 50th. Could not afford a full suite for 25 days but tickled pink to have a mini-suite. Wishing you the best. Can not believe time went by so fast. Would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Can't think of a better way to celebrate 50 years than on a cruise ship. Not worried at all by all the whiners on these boards. LOL Any day on the water is better than a day on land.
  12. No matter how bad the procedure is, the privilege of a B2B makes it worth while. Sign me up. I love B2b's. Only thing better? A B2B2B. 🙂
  13. Thank you for the great instructions. Plan to hook my computer up to TV in January to watch some movies on the Star.
  14. My DW and I will sail in January for our 50 anniversary on the Star to Hawaii. It will be our third Princess cruise to Hawaii. Our favorite cruise. We have done many. Everyone has different interests, likes and dislikes. We like the sea days before getting to the Islands. They allow us to decompress and rest. There are plenty of activities if you need to stay busy but we enjoy the down time at sea. We rent a car on each island and run around on our own and have a blast. The sea days on the way back again for us are restful before we return back to a busy life. We don't like to retur
  15. Thank you for posting. My DW and I will be doing a B2B in Jan. on the Star out of San Pedro.
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