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  1. I was cancelled on the Sensation, call carnival and booked the cruise on 10/8 out on N.O. on the Valor. The Carnival agent took care of the FCC and the OBC credit. The cruise was less expensive because I choose an inside room vs a window view. It is a better cruise with over $500 credit. Hang on the phone until someone answers.
  2. My daughter received the email for our 1/29 cruise vaccine attestation and I booked the cruise and received the cruise confirm. It took several tries but I did get in and confirmed we were all vaccinated.
  3. Moved my cruise from Mobile to N.O. The cost of the cruise is less, it is on a nicer ship and I got $300 OBC. Also with the the cruise in NO being less, I go an additional credit of $200. Thanks Carnival! Oh, I will also request my $50 stock credit. Thanks for cancelling Mobile.
  4. The good news. My cruise from Mobile was cheap with no OBC. Now I have a FCC and $300 OBC. I think I may drive to New Orleans for a cruise.
  5. Carnival may be willing to sell a few more Fantasy Class ships!
  6. Just got cancellation email from Carnival about my 1/31 cruise from Mobile.
  7. Just got email from Carnival about the cancellation of the 1/31/22 Sensation cruise from Mobile.
  8. I am booked for 1/31/2022. As mentioned, I get the "oh snap" message. The cancelled cruise tab on the website does not indicate that the cruise is cancelled. However, Carnival has said that they will start cruising from Mobile in January. They did not give an actual start date. This is not a good sign and would suspect it will be cancelled based on this limited information. I live in the Mobile area and if January is cancelled it will be on the news. Mobile needs the money to repay the bond debt on the cruise terminal.
  9. My wife does not like it. I do. 1 vote for and 1 against.
  10. Good explanation. Enjoy your cruise and do not over think how to use the credit. It will be used very easily and you will still owe carnival money at the end of the cruise.
  11. I had this same issue. I applied my FCC and OBC to a 5 day cruise in Jan. I decided to do an 8 day cruise in Nov 2022. My PVP reversed the FCC And OBC on the Jan cruise and rebooked without the credits. Moved the FCC and OBC to Nov and booked the 8 day cruise. As I mentioned earlier, it can be done. I would suggest calling Carnival or your PVP and discuss.
  12. I talked to my Vacation Planner at Carnival and he transfered my $600 OBC from my 5 day cruise in January to my 8 day cruise in Nov 2022. It can be done.
  13. I would not fly for a 3 - 5 day cruises. When it is only 45 minutes away, it is an inexpensive getaway. No need for excursions. Generally cheaper than a land based vacation.
  14. Just had b2b cruises in Nov cancelled on the Sensation. It was 4 and 5 day cruises. Both are completely paid. I will rebook and use my $300 on board credit for each future cruise. I have Jan cruise on the Sensation. I hope it cruises. Good news, I can get to the port in 45 minutes by car. (No airfare).
  15. It would be a tight fit (ship). Triumph docked in Mobile, but was slightly smaller than the Conquest line of ships. Also, Mobile does not have the parking facilities (cars) for two ships if the Sensation sails in October.
  16. I have been on at least a dozen Carnival cruises. I have never considered the food upscale by any measure on Lido or MDR. If I want upscale, I will go to a local restaurant for quality in my local area. The service is generally good and I am fine with the quality and the overall price I pay for the cruise.
  17. I agree. I pack light and use the laundry service. There is a huge difference in the way I pack now and my first cruise.
  18. I do not care much for the deserts on Lido. Especially the sugar free, except for the ice cream machine.
  19. Mobile county is a hot spot for Covid in Alabama. ICUs are over capacity, but you can attend a high school football game without any real issues. You would think they could work out any issues for a cruise that is basically fully vaccinated with the State.
  20. Would it make sense for the cruise ports/municipality to contract with a pharmacy to offer the rapid antigen test starting the day before embarkation at the port for those flying in or locals cruising. This would be a good perk for ports such as Mobile. Any thoughts?
  21. I know someone who tried to get a Covid vaccine shot today (Saturday) at Walgreens and CVS. They were told that they only have Covid vaccine shots Monday - Friday from 10 to 3. I do not know if this applies to PCR or rapid antigen test. The point is, do not plan on weekends for testing without research. Conventional wisdom would think they would give anyone a Covid vaccine shot if they want it. Not necessarily so.
  22. I like the bacon in the MDR. The Lido bacon is limp and dripping with grease.
  23. I have b2b cruises booked for 11/4 and 11/8. I do not think the ship will start cruising out of Mobile in late October. I am paid in full. If they cancel, it will be ok. I am hesitant to get off the ship in Mexico. I have been there many times and really nothing new to see. I just wanted to get away at a really good price.
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