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  1. For Those Who are lucky enough to make it to Majorca this Year here are a few ideas : https://www.seemallorca.com/
  2. Majorca has started to accept Tourists from the E.U with a negative PCR Test : New measures to travel to the Balearic Islands New tightening of the conditions to travel to the Balearic Islands. Both the central Government and the Government have announced this Wednesday measures to protect the citizens of the Islands from the coronavirus, on dates close to the Easter holidays, which also coincide with the reactivation of flights from Germany. The Government has announced the new guidelines, which come into force from this Thursday, March 18 and will be i
  3. My Thoughts !!! B*** S*** There is only one thing that seems to have any effect that is a charge back from the credit card company As you are in the U.K You can make a charge back dispute , Don't take it for granted the bank will not do this on an out of time basis . As Crystal have not delivered your cruise you are entitled to claim under the consumer credit act , if you need the U.K head of Crystal I have her email address write to me on shoeuk at hotmail.com. I am disgusted that Crystal are still holding out on payments for over a year !!!!
  4. You should see if Crystal has paid out the travel agent to see if they are withholding the money firstly , if not I will give you the person at Crystal to write to , My T.A agent withheld my money for 6 weeks before paying out. another lesson to learn from this is get an Amex card as they will make a dispute even if the payment date was over 120 days. Most Agents will say that they won't take Amex but they will if you say you will look for an T.A that will.
  5. The Max amount for small claims court is £10000, keep the claim going the bank will refund your money once they are satisfied that the T.A is withholding payment. Press on don't wait !!
  6. I would go after the T.A and threaten small claims court if you want I have the person to speak to at Crystal U.K
  7. You should have had your refund by now , I got a refund after 100 days for a cruise cancelled in April for this November . You need to make a dispute with your credit card company . if you paid by debit card write to me on shoeuk at hotmail.com
  8. I had my deposit back after 130 days and the $400 admin fee was given against a future cruise .
  9. Well lets start some opinions on this !!!
  10. They brought him in to deal with refunds ????????????????
  11. Yes, but as they are no longer accepting deposits or final payments I understand.The question is how long can they hold out ?
  12. Yes Thanks for the reply just to let you know on that day all the German citizens that we know were in a panic to get home and flights were being cancelled , thing have changed a bit since ,but where I live all the Germans have gone home
  13. Just to let you know you are checked at the airport and they do check up on you also at the time it was the case that flights stopped between Germany and Majorca and they repatriated all their citizens as seen below. https://www.majorcadailybulletin.com/news/international/2020/08/15/71059/tui-repatriating-german-tourists-from-majorca.html
  14. Since Genting only issued the statement on the 19th its a bit early to say if they are still making payments to their refund customers !! Lets see if they are still paying back in another week. Why did they not issue in their statement last Friday that they would continue to pay back refunds ???
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