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  1. Well... the surge from Thanksgiving weekend is starting to happen..only 5 days and a big uptick is beginning here in NY. Local hospitals are beginning to get "full" again and that means some elective surgeries are being cancelled till ??? Asking people over 65 and at risk to stay in place. This mornings newspapers article outlined a "possible" roll out of the vaccine in phases for NY. (Our federal government will issue a guideline but the state governors have the last say to tweek the guidelines.) Phase 1..Health care workers providing patient care and emergency services
  2. The airports were packed during the Thanksgiving Weekend. A surge is expected in 10 days. Disgusting is all I can say. Tonight on the news, they said the first group of seniors, 80 and over, would be in the first group of people who get the vaccine with health care workers. Each state governor can make their own rules.. I think that is going to cause problems..50 different minds that do not think alike..at all!
  3. I have a Vornado Fit Personal Fan that goes on all cruises with me for the past few years. It is about 2 pound...5"x7"x8". Two speeds and quiet. Pretty powerful for a little fan. Goes in my carry on. I have become slightly claustrophobic in my old age and having the moving air in the cabin at night is great. Cost was about $20USD. Princess and NCL have never given me any trouble taking it on board.
  4. You are right stating the mysteries of this disease. So confusing for the medical profession. Looks like Moderna is ready to roll out a vaccine as soon as it is approved by CDA, but our governor still wants to have a panel of "experts" look at it first.. Still not 100% sure who will get it first, second etc. The NYBlood Bank tests us every time we give plasma and so far always negative and always asked to hurry on back to give more. Wish more would donate..so easy. Pretty much in isolation for 9 months and living in an area no longer considered a hot s
  5. After nine months, both my husband and I still have antibodies from our Covid in Mar/April. So do my 12 yr old grandsons..nine months and counting. We are all surprised considering what is being written in the papers.
  6. Either the Astra Zeneca or Modera sound more logistical to be available for the majority of the world. The Pfizer vaccine would have to be administered at a hospital due to the temperature control. So many people are talking about not getting the vaccine at all due to the lack of trust and all the politics. I'm not sure what percentage of population have to get the vaccine for it to be effective in controlling/eradicating covid world wide. At Thanksgiving Dinner this past Thursday my daughter in law' (researcher) said that my husband and I would be at the back of the line due to
  7. The other company is Modera. That vaccine does not have to be stored at -70C but around regular refrigerator temperature. The US has 300miliion doses of Astra Zeneca on reserve and was expecting to start the end of December with some groups. I think Modera is a smaller company and can not produce as many doses as the other two companies.
  8. Possum52 and Docker123 Seems like a pin has burst the balloon regarding AstraZeneca here in the US. Now there is much concern with Astra Zeneca's reliability. The NYTimes had an article "Astra Zeneca Faces Difficult Questions About It's Vaccine After Admitting Mistake".
  9. Looks like I have been taken off the US Covid thread. It says I do not have permission to view this content. I answered your question about Hawaii..they have to quarantine 14 days and/or that a covid molecular test before getting on plane. I did not see what AustTraveller quoted. Turning in for the night. Hope to be back on line tomorrow..night and take care.
  10. Didn't need a crystal ball to see this coming. Imagine a spoiled rich kid..always given what he wanted and never told ..no. Someone who got rid of anyone who did not agree or praise him. His way or the highway! Someone who bragged about getting around the rules, just because he was rich and smart. Someone who would put a good partner under the bus to get his way. I grew up with this person as he screwed person after person in deals. A disaster waiting to happen. And it is happening! Horrifying are the 70 million who wanted this type of character leading their country.
  11. We were told that the convalescent plasma is being used in the hospitals and given to patients in the ICU. It helps with recovery..quicker and shorter time in hospital. It seems to help in the respiratory recovery. NY is currently sending it to other states as we (for now) have enough. We were also told a small amount collected each day goes towards research. You can donate every 8 days the first six times and then once a month. Our daughter in law is involved in research on the vaccine. She said the numbers are good for success, but, as a researcher, she is having a hard time
  12. It has never been done before, but, if the college does not cast their vote by second week in december, then the supreme court can release the electors to vote as they wish. That is why, instead of addressing the covid issue the past months..our leader was pushing to get another conservative on the supreme court. I would call it a civil war..if it happens.
  13. Already trying to get the members of the electoral college to be freed to vote their way, not the voters choice. Can not believe the republican legislators are allowing a temper tantrum demolish the democratic process. A reality show gone real bad.
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