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  1. Thank you for looking this guy up and trying to figure out who he is. There have been no more "public" posts from him to our group, but no idea if he is still reaching out to anyone via private messaging. (That is how he got access to the group) . I read your posts with him and he sure is not backing down. Some of what he says makes sense and then some does not. Still sounds like he has a big gruge with the government and wants to nail them with something. Look, I made no secret that I feel the NSWH got away with murder, but sure would like to know what he
  2. I totally agree the lack of a view finder can be very frustrating in a bright light. I took many shots in Sydney without actually knowing if I was in focus or not. Now the SX sounds inviting with the view finder..got to think about this. Do you think there is a big difference in picture quality and clarity with the SX70.
  3. I have a Power Shot SX500 and finally leaned all the features..I recently looked at the SX 70..love the more powerful zoom. Not sure I will trade up just yet. Power Shots have been my go to cameras, too
  4. I don't see a post from Rose to Antony Johns..what did she say to him?
  5. No covid passports here either. The unvaccinated do not want it. It is against their rights. I think all over the world people want the governments to do more but also do less. People are indeed weary and that isn't good. This pandemic is far from over. The particular area where I live, Nassau County, Long Island, New York is very high in vaccination rate. Almost 70% one dose and very densely populated (40% of NY population lives in either Nassau or Suffolk (Long Island). Very few cases and they are the unvaccinated ones. Life is getting back to normal. Whatever that is. But t
  6. Amazing how low some con artists will go to get a buck. Got a lot here in USA. My cousin lives in Florida, the villages, and the church by her will guarantee her a place in heaven if she helps them get ride of baby killer biden..all she has to do is donate $1000 to Stairway to Heaven.
  7. Through a facebook thread. And now I understand you can see him by going to his facebook page where he posted all the stuff. I do not like that he has used our private thread and that he is naming someone as patient zero. Hope that person is also a fake name and no one else gets hurt.
  8. This guy sounds like he has a major gripe with the government and wants to cause a stir!
  9. Where are you seeing the documents? Did he make them public?
  10. The sad part is preying on people looking for an answer to what happened. Many people on this site have suffered due to the Ruby disaster and want to know what happened.
  11. He is claiming that there were povitive covid findings on your sailing and it was covered up at the request of the government. He posted a "document" to verify it. He is convincing some that it is a great NSW and Australian coverup. In addition to allowing Mar 8th passengers off the ship with no testing so the "sick" would be dispersed around the country and world and not overwhelm one areas hospital. Actually, the last part I could believe, especially the way we were thrown off the ship and shoved out of the country with no one to check us. BTW, he claims Princess was in the dark.
  12. He posted documentation with dates and names to make his claim look valid and that is what will convince some to believe and reopen wounds. I'm not sure everyone will see through his inconsistent claims and realize he is just a crackpot. Also, many on our thread still don't understand how NZ only got it at Napier from the ship's passengers..how come no one at the other four ports didn't get it. He posted a document that states some one in Auckland had it by Mar 4th. Thus, proving the passengers could have gotten it from being in Napier, on the 15th. If it was true, why didn't he
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