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  1. It's that little green button that scares me...LOL I will be brave and do it next time. Also found out something else. Since I am doing a b2b..I had to unlink the two cruises. The computer picked up Sydney, in my case, as my home, so it would not allow me to do a RT from NY to SYD. This had to be done by the Sales dept of Princess and not EZAir. (Much to the surprise of the 3 sales rep I spoke to) As soon as it was unlinked the computer allowed me to book a RT. I was told to relink after full balance payment..I am in same cabin and want it to be noted. When I paid last month, I called sales dept of Princess to relink..the representative said..oh no..as soon as you relink, your RT will be cancelled. So now I will be issued two Medallions for the b2b and fill out the paper work twice. Do wish everyone at Princess was on the same page.
  2. To check a price change, just go to Princess.com and do not log in. Pull up the cruise as if just looking and then check EZAir. Your should be able to see the current price. If there is a change in your favor..I call Princess and have a EZAir rep do the change for me...there is a way to do it yourself but I have never attempted it because I was always afraid of cancelling my flight...lol Regarding seat selection..not all airlines allow you to pick a seat with EZAir until the seat is paid in full. Delta is one airline that will and it will come up on your personalizer EZAir info. Also, go to the airline that you have chosen and get a frequent flyer number from that airline and make sure it is also on your airline info with Princess. This should allow you to see your reservation with the airline. Again, not all airlines follow this process. Good Luck!
  3. By adding an extra day on to trip, I was able to get better flights on an airline I wanted and a much cheaper price. Have you "played" around with your dates. Good Luck and agree that economy seems to drop. EZAir prem eco was 1/3 the Delta listing price..so getting a seat assigned from the beginning and linking it to my frequent flyer account was important to me ..not to lose the ticket.
  4. I booked my RT Prem Ecom EZAir two weeks after they were posted this past Aug. Compared to the listed airline price it was a fantastic bargain. It has never gone lower, only much higher. Since it is a Delta RT, I was able to get assigned seats from the beginning. I also had to unlink my b2b cruises to get a RT, otherwise I was paying almost double. Two years ago, I booked economy seats to London with Paris return within first month of listing (also with Delta), the price of those seats decreased five times before final payment. I looked almost daily in late pm/early am. I'm thinking a "sweet spot" doesn't exist, luck of the draw is more like it. Hope your price decreases for you..Good Luck
  5. Hi bigenna, I totally agree with Aus Traveller... We leave in less than two months for New Zealand with a 5 day pre cruise in Sydney. Can not wait!! However, for peace of mind..in case things get worse...your traveller's insurance should allow you to cancel due to unsafe conditions. Do not take cruise line insurance, use outside insurance company for best coverage.
  6. Can't wait to visit your beautiful country in a few weeks...prayers and good thoughts for your fire fighters and citizens!
  7. Thank you all for such great recommendations..Cruise Critic is such a fabulous source of information, especially when travelling to a country/port that you are not familiar with. I appreciate all the info about restaurants, taxis, highlights, tours, immigration rules, medical regulations, visas, currency..etc. Knowing what to expect makes traveling much easier. Grateful to all who took the time to answer my questions... Brandee aka Chris
  8. Thank you ..considering my grandma from Qualetta , Naples, name is Maria Moretti..think I'll give it a try.
  9. Thank you for the info. I didn't know you can drop off the luggage early..How do you do this...just to to terminal and show boarding pass...how early? Thanks again
  10. In March, we will be staying at the Marriott at Circular Quay for five nights. We enjoy a variety of foods, especially local dishes. Love going to known restaurants as well as non tourist establishments. Any suggestions will be appreciated. We are planning a day ferry to Manly and if the fires subside, a tour to Blue Mts. Also, is there a wine store in walking distance so we can get some bottles before boarding. I've noted all the suggestions given in the above posts....Thanks! Brandee aka Chris
  11. Last March, I purchased FCD. I asked the FCD rep if could be applied to a cruise booked in February. He told me yes but do it at home with my TA..at that point the cruise was the same price I paid originally. When I got home two weeks later, I called my TA to rebook and use the FCD..but the cruise had gone up considerably and I would have lost all the original "perks". So..looks like..a) the onboard FCD rep will not do anything with a current booking if using an agent. b) unless rebooking you can not use new FCD on current booking.
  12. Orientodyssey: It has been explained to me that not all airlines used by EZAir allow seat selection until either full payment of the cruise/airline ticket...or ..at the gate. American Airlines was one of the airlines I was told did not assign seats from the beginning. Delta is one of the airlines that will allow you to book seats from the beginning. Also double check that the airline chosen has your frequent flyer info..this also helps. I am using EZAir in March., My first selection of Delta/Quantas..only allowed me to select seats on first segment (Delta) ..Quantas said not available. I ended up using EZAir Delta/Delta and was able to select both segment seats. Delta, however, does have a habit of changing seats and never notifying passengers. So you need to constantly keep an eye on your seats..this is any Delta flight..They changed my Aruba seat this year and Florida this year..I had to call to ask for different seats. Since my husband and I had different confirmation numbers..we were seated on opposite ends of the plane. Brandee
  13. Thank you for the information..PescadoAmarillo and Aus Traveller. I do not want to cheat anyone from their fair share of tips and find it very interesting that the room steward is not part of the tip pool. I always give an additional tip to our room steward and waiters over and above the auto..I never felt the amount given to them was fair to begin with. I was really surprised when I found out all our OBC were being converted into AUD without a conversion rate. A Princess Representative told me to reread the "small" print on Future Cruise, Carnival Stock and Military Credit pages. Even the OBC per stateroom promotion and our travel agents group credit given when booking became AUD without a conversion rare. I realize that all this is a gift from Princess and what is given can be taken away. Even our Loyality credit is in AUD. Both cruises have OBC of over $1200 each. Luckily, all onboard excursions are AUD quotes and when prebooked, they are charged in AUD and deducted from the folio as AUD and if charged to a credit card they are charged as AUD and the CC company convertes it to USD at the daily rate.. I usually use our OBC for auto gratuity. (and drinks) Now that I know Princess is going to use a conversion rate on gratuities to up +33% the charge..I might for the first time take off the auto tip. (Especially knowing our room steward is not part of the tip pool). I also found it amazing that not one Princess Representative knew the answer about auto tip rates on Aussie based cruises. Again, thanks all here for the info..once again cruise critic members helping each other. The amount of information I have received (and given) regarding so many areas of traveling over the years is fantastic. Too bad more cruisers don't know about this site! Brandee aka Chris
  14. Thank you for the information..so our OBC has no conversion rate from USD to AUD..but for gratuities they use a conversion rate from USD to AUD.
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