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  1. As more and more "tape" is being reviewed about who were the people involved on Jan 6th, there is confirmation of id's that some of the terrorists are former or current police and or military. Very sad.
  2. Due to covid and added security fears..there is only going to be drum lines from the two university bands. University of Delaware and Howard University..alma mater of Biden and Harris. My two sons were trombone players in the marching band and they had to use lip gloss and vaseline on those super cold parade days.
  3. Normally, and I stress the word normally, performers are invited because they either are favorites of the president/vp or campaigned for the president. The are not paid but given a hotel room and tickets to the inauguration ceremonies. Of course, some groups are also paid transportation fees, that is usually "local groups" like school bands/choirs. In the past, some famous groups have had to be "lured" into performing with cash. Usually, it is an honor to be asked to perform and there is a long list of performers waiting to be approached. This year they all get security officers included.
  4. Yesterday, Sunday, there was a virtual pre inauguration concert. It was a fundraiser. You had to donate to be able to view. ($25) Both Carol King and James Taylor were performers. Would have loved to see them. Carol King as a singer/song writer is brilliant. Enjoy James Taylor's easy soft songs, too. I'm sure, some time down the road it will be made available for public viewing.
  5. FYI..Tom Hanks will be hosting the ceremony that The Boss is going to sing on..Maybe Streets of Philadelphia will be included!
  6. Scott Morrison and people love to watch a tragedy that doesn't involve themselves!
  7. Sorry if I offended you, but she is what she is. She'll be the next ex in the very near future. I'm sure she will get a nice going away package to keep her mouth shut. Just like all the rest. At least she got her parents fast tracked for citizenship. Regarding my comment "inside job". Stupidly, everyone videoed themselves. And quite a few Capital personnel were seen doing what they should not. At least cover up with a mask and don't do a selfie!
  8. Hi Chiliburn..Guess who is playing at the inaugural ceremonies...Bruce!
  9. We must be reading the same novels! Actually the inauguration is at the Capital. Outside on the steps facing the Washington Monument. And on a good day there are US military snipers on the roof for protection.. So where were they the day of the insurrection???. There is talk of an "inside" job. Mysterious tours of the building given the day before (Covid has cancelled all tours?) I lived in DC for a time when my husband was in training for one of the alphabet agencies of the federal government. A lot of open space and roof tops. The VP is going to be there in trumps place and all the
  10. I never thought I would live to see a president of the USA take the oath of office behind barbed wire fences and having 25,000 troops for protection. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement.
  11. The roll out of the vaccine here in the US is a joke. The administration promised 20 million doses by the end of December, but they did not have that many. Organizing 50 states is not an easy job, but trump walked away from anything covid related just before his election. He was more interested in proving fraud than any business of the nation. No plans were made for distribution, so many states just requested doses and expected them. Now there is a tremendous shortage. So why they opened up another phase is beyond me. We are basically up to 1c but all people in 1a have
  12. There are still tumps followers who still believe it is nothing but a political ploy to make him look bad. Can't fix stupid. But amazing how many are running out to get the vaccine...especially in republican Long Island. BTW, just before Azar quit as Health Sec. today, he admitted that there is no stock pile of vaccines..so that means no second vaccine being held for those who got one dose so far. Going to be a big problem in two weeks.
  13. If you can't stand to stay and help to change than go..such jerks. And I do love Springsteen's music but his statement tarnished his image..another made it big so now I will go. Stick around with the people who "made you" and work for the change. Guess his new song "Born in the USA, but I left the sinking ship" will not go platinum!
  14. It is very scary. There has always been a divide..left/right..in this country, but it was kept under control to a point by leaders who knew how to keep the lid on.. Now the words of one person has done this. All in the middle of a pandemic that he doesn't give a hoot about. My grandchildren watched it all on tv this week. So sad. How do you explain this to them? And todays words from him were no better..he keeps lying and feeding the frenzy. Words matter.
  15. They carried in a confederate flag and urninated on rugs and statues.
  16. I live about a 20 minute car ride from mid manhattan..so far enough from Albany. But I live in a very right wing neighborhood with alot of delusional people..who of course, have guns. The next 8 days will be very interesting and I am sure very dangerous. I am angry and embarrassed by many fellow American who I now call unpatriotic and anarchists.
  17. The land of milk and honey for the rich white man. There is poverty and racism here. And when you have a leader who is a racist and liar, himself....It has only gotten worse. Sad and dark days now and ahead.
  18. FYI..after two hours of speeches..the Senate just voted on one state (Arizona) some Republicans still voted an objection to accepting the result. Now it will go to House of representatives to vote. 49 states to go.
  19. The two health care workers (doctor and nurse)in my family, have just received their second shot..and no after effects. My two daughter in laws are next up..teacher and researcher. Their husbands (my sons) will be last on list in general public. The kids are not getting it ..no research so far.
  20. The trump administration walked away from anything to do with covid and vaccine a month before the election. There is no national policy or distribution. Plus, they did not order the extra doses offered by Pfizer. Trump lost all interest in anything but winning and when he lost only interested in over turning the election. He has blocked the incoming administration from the traditional sit ins on all agencies. So here we are, massive amounts of people who actually want the vaccine but there is limited. All our medical personal still have not been offered.
  21. There should be another emoji that is a frown...Hope vaxxing starts soon for your country! It's so under control in Australia that vaxxing would stop it dead so much quicker.
  22. To get back to topic for a second.....I received a notice from my medical primary care organization. I am "scheduled" to receive my vaccine about mid April. I'm in the over 65 with "conditions". That is level 1c. Level 1a is health care workers and seniors in nursing homes. 1b is essential workers including teachers, transportation people, store workers, etc. We are inoculating at a very slow rate. Very frustrating.
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