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  1. Just got off Zaandam- amazing trip! The crew was amazing and worked above and beyond to keep us all from getting ill (In addition to the above crew that got sick, a few dancers were as well...) I read somewhere that there were some issues with Noro in Seattle prior to the trip.... you NEVER know when you are going to be exposed..... it can happen anywhere and the only reason we don’t hear about it except for on cruise ships is that they are required to report illness.... you don’t see that requirement in many other places.
  2. The letter we received in part says: “We have limited information on the trains only that there is a connectivity issue with the airline that won’t allow any Alaska Airline passengers to be checked in at sea.” It goes on to say our reservations are still intact and that we must complete the check in process at the airport. It then went on to say they have no control and basically don’t come to them as they are not responsible... I tried to post a pix but it wouldn’t work.. We were able to get an UBER XL and get to the airport with all of our bags and catch an earlier flight- bummer about missing Victoria ( this ship couldn’t dock due to wind) and Seattle. Great cruise otherwise!
  3. Port Valet- they are no longer working with Alaska Air... Thanks for the link..
  4. No info about going in at this point... The waves look calmer so we are hoping!!!!
  5. I have seen nor have I heard heard of any issues concerning toilets! There are probably a few individual issues not anything that should warrant you needing to cancel! This trip has been a complete pleasure and wish we had a few more days!!!!
  6. Hi! We are on the Vaandam. We didn’t really know there was a problem with Noro until we got to our first port in Ketchikan when we were told by the people working in the shops that were were in a “Red Zone” and they were using and selling Purell like crazy! When we boarded the ship that day there were letters in each cabin and the captain did an announcement regarding the situation. The crew has done an amazing job above and beyond their normal work- everything including walls were bleached while we were in port. There were crew members stationed at each entrance to the food areas ensuring that everyone used the sanitizer or used the hand wash machines ( these are soooo cool). In the dining room, the servers gave out the rolls and butter and we used individual packets of salt and pepper as well as sugar type items. On lido deck they switched out the serving utensils every 30 minutes. Overall, it was not that bad-and I actually preferred some of the changes! The crew has been amazing and we have had a fabulous trip! The only disappointment was missing Victoria today... Have fun!
  7. I am on the Zaandam. We are hanging out in the bay looking at beautiful Victoria as we are unable to dock due to the high winds. In addition to this disappointment we just received a letter saying that they will not be able to transfer our bags to the airport for us. We had signed up for this when we arrived on the ship 2 weeks ago. We have 5 of us in our group- each with one large 50lb bag. Our flights, booked by HAL, are not until later in the evening so we were hoping to play tourist in Seattle w/o our bags. Alaska Air says we can check our bags 4 hours in advance which leaves us several hours with our bags. Any solutions to our bag problem?:confused:
  8. I am on the Zaandam! We are hanging out in the bay looking at beautiful Victoria.....we are unable to dock due to the high winds ( 40mph according to the screen) very bummed to miss spending Canada Day in Canada.
  9. First, thanks for your amazing reports on this cruise! We leave in 5 days and I have enjoyed all of your posts! I just saw that the self service laundry machines have been removed - and I have to admit- I am freaking out as I planned to do laundry at least once or twice in the 1 days... I have never used ships laundry services..... Can you please let me know, is it $98 ( 2 week cruise) for unlimited laundry for the entire cabin or per person? Any other tips? Again, thanks for your help and all of your insights!
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