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  1. She should know better then.....
  2. Love the Seascreen, long may it stay 👍 If you don't like sit somewhere else, or go on a different ship. After all, it's not as if it's just been introduced is it? People knew about it when they booked on the cruise.
  3. Not true. There’s ways around that.😉
  4. Unfortunately for you, I don’t think this time it has. It’s going to be refurbed. Unlucky!
  5. Makes me laugh how people decide to book on a ship knowing what is on it. Then complain about what is on it! If you don't like sea screen then sit/lie somewhere else or even cruise on a different ship. Everybody is different and people like different things, it's human nature. There are many things on the ship that are not my cup of tea, but I would not dream of trying to change them. Do the things that you like and respect others for what they like.
  6. The sooner it's fixed the better👍
  7. If you don’t like it, then sit around a different pool. You can’t please all the people all of the time. P&O are trying to cover all the bases. Some people like the screen, some don’t. Some people like watching football on the sea screen, some don’t. some people just like peace and quiet. There are 3 different pools on the top deck, all offering different atmospheres.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Im looking forward to it already 👍🏻
  9. Bought the tickets through the link in the above post by eddie11. It's from the Kyazoonga website. We're in Johnson Charles Stand - Canaries Block 212 Row 13. I think I read somewhere that the Barmy Army are in block 204, but that was sold out. To be perfectly honest I'm not a big cricket fan and my wife is even less of one. I don't mind watching England when it's a big game (ashes). But I thought it's a good opportunity to see them and it should be a great atmosphere. A nice sunny day with a few beers and a reggae beat!
  10. Just decided to buy a couple of tickets for me and the wife. $35 each. Not to bad really. Match starts at 10.00am so maybe get a few hours in and come out in plenty of time to avoid the rush and pick a taxi up. Unless there are a few of us and maybe share a ride?
  11. Just wondering if anyone has done this trip in Antigua? Just booked it for February on Britannia and wondering if I've done the right thing? Thanks
  12. I've just posted about this myself, then saw your post. Maybe I should read down a bit more. Anyway, wondering about this myself. I'll keep checking this thread. Was wondering about just buying a day ticket before I go then getting a taxi to the ground for a few hours. Any idea where to buy tickets?
  13. Just noticed that whilst we're docked in St.Lucia on the 9th February it's the first day of the third test against the West Indies. Does anyone have any experience of going to watch a game whilst docked in port? Is it doable? If so where's the best place to get tickets? Thanks
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