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  1. We were on the Breakaway in January and went to Ocean Blu. It was our favorite meal of the cruise. Awesome service and the food was really good. The waitress insisted we try the king crab legs so brought them as an extra item for free. They were amazing! My son and I had the whole lobster and my husband had the surf and turf. We weren't charged extra besides the upcharge. We made our reservations online. After trying it, we wanted to go back but could never get a reservation while on the ship.
  2. thanks for the review! We are considering Epic and it's nice to hear what others think.
  3. There was an officer and an adorable black lab on our Breakaway cruise Jan 6th. First time we had ever seen one in our 7 cruises. We spoke to him and the dog has to stay on the ship in ports. The dog isn't allowed off but stands right inside as guests come back on the ship. We never saw them just roaming the ship though. The lab was just there for nose work. She was as sweet as could be. On a side note, the K9 dog at Harvest Caye is very creepy and scary!
  4. We were on this cruise with you 🙂 Your review is spot on to what we thought too. We've only sailed with NCL so it's interesting to read your comparisons.
  5. I love the pretzel rolls and sticks. The chilled fruit soup and banana bread are my very favorite but on our last cruise I didn't see much of either. Husband loves the crepes!
  6. I'm loving your blog! We sail on the Breakaway in Jan so it's been so interesting.
  7. Wondering if anyone knows which bar is best to get sangria's on the Breakaway? A few years ago on the Sun they had the best sangria's in the tapa's bar. They would let the fruit marinate in them for hours.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to write this! I'm loving it! We sail Jan 6th.
  9. We did it at Anthony's Key in Roatan and it was amazing. You have an interaction and then snorkel with them.
  10. I'm wondering about this for our Breakaway cruise. My son is old enough to check out of kids club and I want to be able to communicate with him so we can meet up if he chooses to leave.
  11. Sorry, when I use the word "swim", I just mean playing, moving about, having fun and being in the water. Although on the Jewel class ships we've been on, there always seems to be a handful of people that do laps everyday and it's perfect for them. Maybe those pools are bigger???
  12. You can get smoothies. We've had a chocolate smoothie that is almost like a milkshake. The bartenders don't have ice cream but they will make almost anything you want, with the supplies they have, under the UBP as long as it's within the price range.
  13. How deep is the kids pool? We have an 11 year old that's 5'5" and I like to swim in the pool he does and spend time together as a family. This is our first time on a bigger ship and I'm hoping the family pool is more then just a wading pool or splash pad.
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