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  1. Carnival_Brides

    Wedding Tips / Help

    Buy a package and prepare to pay for it. We got married four years ago on the Pride with the old photo packages which we thought were pricy then. However, my Mom reminded us that if we had gotten married on land (in the area we live in) we would be looking at 3k for comparable photographers and that was before we bought images. We ended up spending $800 on 41 photos and got the digitals. It seemed like a lot since we got married at-sea doing a vow renewal that cost us $800, but it really wasn't that bad. We had our wedding for $1800 including photos, reception entertainment, and 2 hours of open bar. Helpful hint: We did our engagements pictures with the Dreams photographer on the Glory 6 months before our wedding and figured out that the picture quality changes greatly when the images are scanned. We made sure that whatever package we purchased came with the digital files to not alter the quality when we shared them on social media.
  2. Carnival_Brides

    Carnival Pride At-Sea Wedding Review

    I created the original and personalized it for my group. I no longer have the template file, sorry.
  3. Carnival_Brides

    Carnival Pride At-Sea Wedding Review

    I no longer have the file. Sorry!
  4. Carnival_Brides

    What to Bring & How

    We packed our wedding items in two largeish boxes and checked them with several luggage tags taped all over them. We packed our silk bouquets (and our BM's) in boxes from Build-A-Bear and then packed those inside of the boxes. You might also check after-Christmas sales to see if anyone has large hard-sided gift boxes. For our wedding gowns, we packed them inside of garment bags and then took a collapsible rolling rack with us so we could roll them onto the ship. We had to send the gowns and rack through the x-ray, but it worked for us. I wouldn't use the laundry service for steaming if you are on Carnival because they are only liable to refund you something like $30 if they ruin your item. If you are fine with your partner seeing your gown, as soon as you are on the ship pull your dress out of the bag and let it lay out. You might also try to pack a travel steamer (yes, I know some are banned).
  5. Carnival_Brides

    Kids Wrist Bands

    We take them off for pictures and get new ones at Camp Carnival. Our girls aren't allowed to venture on their own, so they are never without us in the two hours between dinner and when they return to Camp after photos.
  6. Carnival_Brides

    Carnival Pride Wedding! I need tips!

    Glad that helpful hint worked so well for you. We did in fact get a collapsible garment rack from BB&B. We had two gowns and our bridesmaids dresses so it made it quite easy to roll on. You will have to send the rack and the gown through the scanner, but you shouldn't have any problems. I have reviews in my signature if you're interested, although we are just coming up on our four year anniversary and some things may have changed. Congrats!
  7. Carnival_Brides

    Symbolic Wedding

    We had a symbolic ceremony on CCL four years ago. The review is in my signature. We got married out a 7 day out of Baltimore and everything your reading is true. You don't officially know which day your ceremony will be, but you can make pretty educated guesses. We knew our ceremony would either be on the second sea day or the last sea day because of when formal night fell. We wanted the earlier date and they were able to accommodate us. We had a planner that we met with at breakfast on the second day and she took care of everything. I don't know what they would do if your two sea days are formal nights--that is a question for CCL Weddings. I imagine with it being a pretty steady revenue stream that they would find some way to hold your ceremony.
  8. Carnival_Brides

    MTD on Carnival Sunshine

    We also were in the camp that thought it was odd at first, but it does work very well. We've been on the Conquest ships with the "enclosed" dining room with no area to wait--this approach is much more desirable. We enjoyed MTD for the most part, but beware, they tried to seat us in the early dining room twice. The first time the first seating was 90 minutes into their meal leaving us 30 minutes to order and eat, which inconvenienced us and the staff--the second time they attempted it we flat out refused.
  9. Carnival_Brides

    How is the quality of the free iced tea?

    It's pretty gross. My niece loves iced tea and got some last week on Sunshine--she didn't get any for the rest of the cruise because it tasted like funky water.
  10. Carnival_Brides

    Have you sailed out of New York on Carnival???

    We are on the first cruise out of NYC where CCL is using the check-in system. We are also driving (2.5 hours) and have a 10:30 check-in time. We are planning to be in the lot at 10:15 to enter the terminal by 10:30. I have read that other ports are being picky about the check-in time and turning guests away until it is there turn, but we'll see what happens on the 8th.
  11. Carnival_Brides

    Pride staying in NY overnight -because of Matthew

    About 24 hours ago the model was predicting that it was going to swipe MD on Saturday, go up towards New England on Sunday, and land somewhere in the Bay of Fundy on Monday. I have been monitoring the situation because I live outside Baltimore and I'm boarding the Sunshine out of NY headed to the Bay of Fundy on Saturday. When I went to bed around 1am this morning that was still the model, but when I woke up around 6:30 it had updated to reflect the turn at the Carolinas. Carnival was (and still is) working with all kinds of data sets and contingency plans. Unfortunately, the Pride is too large to fit in the C&D Canal and approach Baltimore from the North, so it has to go down around VA and the Carolinas to get back in the Bay. They made the right call to keep the ship close--even if it ticked off the passengers who had the option to reschedule or take a refund before departure.
  12. Carnival_Brides

    Hurricane Matthew-Itineraries changed

    It's cool. I was kind of confused because I'd sign up tomorrow for a trip to KW on the Pride. :)
  13. Carnival_Brides

    Hurricane Matthew-Itineraries changed

    The Pride does mostly 7 day cruises that depart from Baltimore on Sunday. Her recent Eastern Caribbean cruise was detoured to New England because of the weather. She is supposed to debark the New England cruise on Sunday (October 9) and embark passengers for another go of the Eastern Caribbean.
  14. Carnival_Brides

    Hurricane Matthew-Itineraries changed

    We are booked for the 5 day to Canada out of NYC leaving this Saturday. We usually do this sailing in the summer because the rates are typically low. However, for some reason this year, the pricing for the fall itineraries was half of what the summer rates were and we booked. I'd rather sail in the summer and not use my personal days (I work for a school system), but c'est la vie. I am not really worried about where we go--I'm just glad to be on the ship. We are driving up the day of since it's a two hour drive and we can change our plans easily. We also benefitted from the Sandy CTN out of Baltimore a few years back. I'm hoping that doesn't happen for our cruise--I'd take a 5 day CTN at this point than have the sailing cancelled.