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  1. Hi! In researching flight options via Flight Ease it states that Flexible Fares are paid at the final cruise payment which for us is a few months away. If we wanted to get a Flexible Fare rate now, can we go ahead and pay the remaining amount to lock in the rate? I would think that HAL wouldn't mind getting our money early. 😉 Thank you!
  2. I have read the fine print and want to make sure I am reading correctly. The Signature Drink Package that is included in the bonus is for the duration of the cruise. Therefore if I am going on a 14 day cruise we get the package for 14 days per person? I don't think I can drink 15 alcoholic drinks a day but I like the option of the coffees, espresso, etc. Also is Pinnacle $35 per person for dinner, correct? From the HAL site: Book your 2020-2021 cruise now and receive our best offer of the season, valued at up to US$1200, including: free Signature Beverage Package; free dinner at the Pinnacle Grill; free or reduced fares for kids; 50% reduced deposit. Plus, book a suite and receive $200 onboard spending money! Thank you!
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