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  1. Thank you. I will be looking for this itinerary in November, or when RC releases the schedule.
  2. We chose to spend 2 weeks in New Zealand and 8 weeks in Australia and then took a cruise out of Sydney to head home. New Zealand and Australia are magnificent in every way and we saw a lot of both of them. Oh and don't forget Tasmania.
  3. Our first cruise was booked to avoid flying back to the US from Australia. We had no expectations at all. A few hours in and I was hooked. Since then always the itinerary. I love the sea.
  4. Thank you so much to all who responded. I booked the Celebrity version for 2021, but RC is my preferred line so just wanted to see if there was something I was missing. TIA
  5. Searching through RC to try to find and book a cruise that we had booked for 2020, but had to cancel due to family illness and death. Departure was Amsterdam and had ports in Greenland and Iceland. I can find Greenland and Iceland under ports of call, but I can't find a cruise for 2021 with these ports. All I could find just had Iceland. I looked at Roll Call threads also to no avail. If anyone can help I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  6. I won't consider cruising until there is a vaccine. I won't consider traveling at all until there is a vaccine. So the short answer is no. I love cruising and have done quite a bit of it, but I am realistic enough to know it is going to take time before pretty much anything is normal again.
  7. I have been looking for one way cruises from anywhere on the US East coast to Canada but have not found any. Do that exist? TIA
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