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  1. No quarantine required.
  2. This form of "insanity" can be corrected by booking at least 6 more cruises, all for 2019.
  3. SPacificbound

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    If you put "tipping" in the search, upper right hand of page, you will get a few dozen threads to come up. I just tested it and it worked. Our feeling on cruising and tipping, since we understand the system. If we cannot afford to leave the tip on for the crew who works so hard, then we can no longer afford to cruise. Our personal opinion. We also believe in tipping extra to those who are outstanding, which generally includes our cabin attendant and a bartender or two, very special wait staff. Here is a recent article on Cruise Critic involving tipping. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=298
  4. SPacificbound

    Trip Assure Insurance

    You could also look at The Trip Insurance Store to compare. https://tripinsurancestore.com/
  5. SPacificbound

    Packing: There MUST be a better way!

    You probably won't need everything that is on the spare bed, but first make sure what the climate will actually be where you are going. My DMIL always said she packed her suit case and then removed half of what she had packed.
  6. SPacificbound

    Mediterranean Cruise Lines.

    I have not cruised with Costa or MSC so can't address the differences from them to the US lines. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity do a lot of Mediterranean cruises as do Holland and Princess.
  7. The itinerary is the most important thing to us. We don't go on cruises just to go on a different ship. We go on a different ship if we want the itinerary.
  8. SPacificbound

    cruising with kids

    Another option would be to start getting your 3 year old ready for showers at home, getting in the shower holding the child.
  9. Magic is 8 nights and in my opinion has better ports of call. I can't speak to the difference in the ships having never cruised with Carnival.
  10. SPacificbound

    Vision of the sea vs. Fastenation

    I spent 38 nights on Vision Of The Seas. I love RCL Vision class ships.
  11. SPacificbound

    Photo ID for non-US citizens

    To enter and exit the ship in ports of call you will need your key/card that you received at boarding check in. Also carry your photo ID.
  12. SPacificbound

    Pet Peeves

    Some questions that are frequently asked but are impossible to answer. "Is it worth it?" and "Will we like it?" "Is the food good?"
  13. SPacificbound

    Family Cruise on mediterrenean

    Med cruises are port intensive, so you will have lots to do if you choose to. All of the mainstream cruise lines also have activities geared to children's ages. Take a look at some of the itineraries below to give you an idea of just some of the itineraries. For me the itinerary always comes first. Here is a place to start. https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruiseto/cruiseitineraries.cfm?port=149&cl=9
  14. SPacificbound

    New Cruiser Seeking Advice

    Navigator is a great ship! Take a look at deck plans and you will get around easily.
  15. We have been right next to the bridge on another cruise line and had no problem with noise or anything else. I hope you have a wonderful cruise.