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  1. SPacificbound

    assigned gratuity confusion

    Knock yourself out if you are getting a kick out of hounding me with your impression of what I said.
  2. SPacificbound

    assigned gratuity confusion

    You missed the initial post. If you bothered to read it you would see there is nothing about "tipping prior to service".
  3. SPacificbound

    Queen Mary 2 2019 newbies help pls!

    Chefandthedancer, that is a beautiful picture you posted. We have done 4 crossings on Queen Mary 2, you will want to do some reading on the Cunard forum.
  4. SPacificbound

    Cash for excursions

    Try to take mostly small bills, $1, $5, & $10, so you can pay as close to the price as possible. The change you get will likely be coins and you can't do much with them.
  5. SPacificbound

    Excursions: Central America (what do I bring?)

    I like the Loc-Tite and they come in different sizes depending on what you want to take. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Loctote+Flak+Sack
  6. SPacificbound

    To cruise or not to cruise,that is the question

    I hope the cast is removed and you and your wife have a wonderful relaxing cruise.
  7. SPacificbound

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    I hope this all works out for you and you have a wonderful cruise!
  8. We have never had to wait more than a few minutes. We usually aim for about 1:00PM.
  9. SPacificbound

    Wedding gift?

    We were gifted a RC gift certificate for Christmas one year, and that was nice.
  10. SPacificbound

    Shore Trips?

    We have done a lot of private excursions, either with others on our roll call or just for us. I look for reputable companies who have very good reviews and a history of good service. We occasionally do a ship's tour but not often. If you go to your roll call there may be others on your cruise who are already putting excursions together.
  11. SPacificbound

    Bio Hazard bag under the bed

    What a terrible experience for your family. I hope you will follow through as recommended. I am sorry you had this experience.
  12. SPacificbound

    assigned gratuity confusion

    There is nothing in my post that says we give the gratuity before service. That would be ridiculous, and is not what I said. There is no reason for you to be insulting.
  13. SPacificbound

    assigned gratuity confusion

    It is not a bribe, it is appreciation.
  14. SPacificbound


    I prefer to pay up front, then it's done. These tips are divided up, and some goes to people who you will never see. We always give a good bartender a little extra on the first day, and then a little here and there and we have a good bartender for the remaining time on the ship. If you feel your cabin attendant has gone above and beyond, it is nice to give them something extra towards the end of the cruise.
  15. SPacificbound

    assigned gratuity confusion

    You will know a good bartender when you get there. They are paying attention, happy to take your order, bring you back the right drink, Bingo.