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  1. Enjoying your review Belliniginfizz! Sailing Transatlantic on the Meraviglia in September. Nice to read honest, positive comments about this ship. Looking forward to more installments.
  2. We are going to be in Room 12223 on the Meraviglila in September this year, and I was able to find a photo of the room on the site icruise.com . Search under cruise line/ship name/deck number and then room number. Maybe I was just lucky, but good luck!
  3. I know I have to do the math, but needed the correct numbers to get started! Thank you for giving me some prices to work with.
  4. Thanks for the reply...because this is a longer cruise in Canadian dollars, it works out to $811 for the Easy Package or almost $48/day. Our cruise is very port intensive, so on 9/17 days we would be off the ship for most of the day...hoping someone will post pictures of drink menus or just prices - alcohol as well as coffees, pop, water to assist.
  5. Sailing MSC later this year, and unsure about whether to purchase drink package. A little confused after the recent name changes and price increases - it is not a Drinks on Us cruise. If anyone sailing in 2019 has pics of bar menus, in US$, and could post them it would be appreciated. The prices went up and our poor Canadian dollar is sliding, making package prices pretty steep. Wanted to do some comparing. Much appreciated!
  6. Thank you for the honest and positive review. So many negative reviews out there...we are sailing the Epic on a TA in 3 weeks. I am just happy to be on a holiday and not having to cook or make my bed! It's what you make of it.(y):D:D :):)
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