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  1. 3 weeks ago on the Royal the Hero 7 Black was $399 USD.
  2. yup... Very common, but can cause problems with online checkin depending on the airline. We have used EZ Air for the past 5 cruises and every time the firstandlast lol name have been combined. Furthermore, I have been told this isn't as much as a Princess problem, but an issue with other Travel Agent systems booking air too. Sadly in 2019 you would think that someone could figure this out.
  3. I was just in B734 on the Royal Princess. And would recommend it for the overhang overage from the decks above vs. others.
  4. That looks like a 3oz pour. Not acceptable. Really nothing less that 6oz is acceptable in my books... For the price paid.
  5. I guess its good they have a safety first approach and they aren't just looking for hidden booze.
  6. What ship is this and how far back on the ship is the location of your stateroom?
  7. Thanks for the update. Have a great cruise.
  8. Thanks for the update. I know this isn't related to the thread, but any other obvious changes after wet dock?
  9. I have tried with two different VPN applications. I found with both of them the speed dropped significantly. So, I use the VPN now only when absolutely necessarily.
  10. What are the speeds with the VPN turned off?
  11. I accepted that same offer on the sailing a week earlier. It's still a better deal that paying full price, but its on the upper side of what I would like to pay for it. But, the Sabatini's breakfast and the Club Class dining are nice perks.
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