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  1. Loving this report! We've never been to coco cay and will be in about 2 months. Trying to determine if the beach club is worth it. If you're in the free portion of the island, is there servers walking around to order drinks from the beach or do you have to walk to the closest bar?
  2. If you're in the free beach portion of coco cay, are there drink servers walking around similar to the pool deck or is it only in the beach club that you'd get waited on? Just trying to weigh if beach club is worth it or not with having the drink package.
  3. When royal released the Nassau cruises, I called and the rep put a courtesy hold on a room for me and told me it would expire Thursday at 8. She sent me the invoice showing the pricing. I got another invoice this morning showing the room with zero paid for the deposit. Is this just royals system sucking and not releasing the cabin yet? I'm assuming that's the case but wanted to make sure I didn't need to do anything. I opted not to book it.
  4. It varies based on the length of your stay in Nassau but sounds like around $60 per person
  5. Yeah the royal agent gave me that website. Basically you have to register, then get the negative covid test a few days before entering the Bahamas. After the cruise, the Bahamas doesn't require one but to fly back to the US you need a negative test but I'm not sure how that'll happen. I've seen reports royal will do antigen testing at the end of the cruise but haven't seen that confirmed by anyone at royal or in their faqs
  6. Great to hear. I wish the worker at Royal knew that portion about the testing.
  7. I saw that too, but it's not a verified Twitter page so is that a legitimate royal Caribbean blog or just a personal account that tweets royal Caribbean News?
  8. So after speaking with royal, you have to apply for a health visa with the Bahamas to enter Nassau. After the cruise, she claims you have to get tested after the cruise in Nassau so you can board your flight back to the US. That sounds like a nightmare since that'll apply to all cruise passengers. The rcl blog says royal will test on the ship so you can fly but the csr said no.
  9. I wasn't able to find anything on it
  10. Can't figure out a way to pay the deposit with my FCC. Is that not allowed?
  11. One thing I couldn't find anywhere, is royal doing anything about the needing a negative test to board a flight back to the US? I'm assuming they have a plan because otherwise everyone getting off the ship in Nassau at the end is going to be scrambling to get a 24 hour covid test so they can board the flight back to the US?
  12. Anyone have any idea about getting a negative covid test to return back to the US? I didn't see that in any of the faqs, but I would assume royal has something in place since everyone getting off the ship would be in the same situation needing one to fly back?
  13. Hi all, I'm sure this has been addressed but I couldn't find it. We have an Alaskan cruise booked for this upcoming July. This cruise was lift and shifted originally from fall of 2020 to this cruise. With the chance of it not cruising, do I have the option and lift and shift again or is that off the table since I already did that once with this booking? Obviously we'd love to go, but I don't the cruise line sailing yet. I would prefer to lift and shift again because we have a really good price locked in.
  14. A week later and still waiting to hear back from my travel agent. Ugh.
  15. Any idea how to tell if it was refundable or not? I have a voicemail to my travel agency but their turnaround time right now is 1-5 business days.
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