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  1. With a port intensive cruise to Punta Cana, Tortola, st Lucia, barbados and Antigua, I'm hoping price goes down. We've always gotten our monies worth at $60 a day but that's with more seas days and less than impressive islands
  2. Our next cruise is quite a ways out, but wondering what the best price is that someone got for the deluxe package within the last 6 months? Symphony in March we paid I believe $58 a day. I seem to remember the year before we paid roughly $40. I know typically the bigger ships seem to price higher. We'll be on Vision.
  3. I got the Embassy suites for a little less than $200a night in March which I feel is a pretty solid deal
  4. Anyone recently stayed at the Embassy Suites?
  5. I just booked an express deal for the Embassy suites in San Juan for March. All the hotels are extremely pricey and this one was on sale for a little under $200 a night plus the resort fees. Is this a good deal? Who's stayed their recently? It seems like it has very good reviews
  6. That's what I thought. And I'm guessing the $100 obc I got for booking onboard I'd keep but I'd lose the additional $200 I got for booking during one of their promotions
  7. In March we booked a 2020 cruise while on board and paid the $100 pp cruise deposit and got the $100 obc. If we change ships and sail date, do I lose all of it? Just planning ahead in the event we have to cancel and go on a cruise out of Florida since flights and hotels have been astronomical for San Juan lately.
  8. Does anyone have recent pictures of 8088?
  9. That's my thoughts. I haven't been to Tortola in years and never been to Punta Cana
  10. Did I make the right decision? We were on Symphony this last March and booked Vision next year because of the itinerary. It goes to Barbados, st Lucia, Antigua, tortola and Punta Cana.. We mostly did it because of the last two ports. As far as I know, royal rarely goes to either of those ports which is why we're paying more for this cruise than we paid for symphony. We were able to get corner js 8088 as well. Is it the right decision? Thoughts!
  11. Following along! Kind of in your same boat. We did symphony this March and have Vision out of Puerto Rico booked next March due to its awesome itinerary. Worst part is the balcony cabins are currently selling for higher than what we paid for a balcony on Symphony!
  12. Life goals except with my wife lol
  13. I think I remember seeing Mario in a trev and Chels vlog. If you haven't watched their stuff, they're phenomenal and I believe sponsored by royal or something l
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