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  1. Two completely separate questions. We managed to get the corner js 8088 on vision coming up.. With the new upgrade process, I don't have to worry about getting an automatic upgrade and losing my room do I? 


    Also.. We have the drink package. What's going to be the closest bar to get drinks and go back to the balcony if I want? Also.. The new bud light seltzer, any chance they have these on the royal ships by our cruise mid March? Anyone seen them yet on any ships? 

  2. A few years ago we had a 1pm flight out of San Juan and we were on Adventure when it lost propulsion and we missed our flight and was stuck in Puerto Rico. Never again. It's only $400 in the grand scheme of things. With the cruise being $4,000 for two and already paid $1,900 for two round trip flights, the extra $400 is a drop in the bucket or an hour in the casino lol 

  3. 19 hours ago, KsucAts said:

    Not sure how much you paid for your flights on American, but they will refund your money because of the schedule change.  If you are more comfortable with the Delta flight times and the cost is similar, that is what I would recommend.  

    That's the route I went. Unfortunately the cheapest other flight now was $400 more than the refund since there's so few flights and I booked months ago, but I booked it anyways before they went up even more. 

  4. On 12/4/2019 at 7:05 AM, MiniChunks said:

    We did self disembark, were first in line and made it to the airport before 8. Keep in mind that our situation could not have worked out any better. If i was you, i would see what they will do about changing your flight. Any delays would be very problematic for you. 




    I called American and the 10:15 was the latest they had so they allowed me to cancel for a refund. I then booked a 2:30 on delta, unfortunately it cost $400 more than what my refund is since prices have gone up so much in the last few months. 

  5. 47 minutes ago, MiniChunks said:

    We did self disembark, were first in line and made it to the airport before 8. Keep in mind that our situation could not have worked out any better. If i was you, i would see what they will do about changing your flight. Any delays would be very problematic for you. 

    Normally I'd call and have them change it, but 10:15 am is the last flight that leaves San Juan and gets us to our final destination. Not ideal at all. 

  6. Hey guys. We have a cruise out of San Juan in a few months and just got notification from American that our flights changed. We've sailed out of San Juan before, so we booked a 2:30 flight home. Now the latest flight American has is a 10:15 am. I remember the airport being about a 20 minute taxi ride. I'm thinking if we do self disembark and get off right at 6 (assuming everything goes smoothly) we'd maybe make it. Outside of that, not really sure what our other option is since American has no other late flights. Delta does, but we already paid about $900 a person so not dishing out money for two more tickets on another airline. 

  7. Is it fairly easy to get around the island renting a car? We've done it on other islands before. Coming to Tortola for the first time in many years and we're there 8-5 so looking at doing a bunch of beaches. Smugglers beach looks gorgeous! 

  8. 1 minute ago, CruiseBride926 said:

    We are doing a port intensive cruise next year with our 2 kids in a junior suite. That’s usually smaller then we’d get when traveling with them but I’d prefer to use the money elsewhere if we’re hardly going to be in the room. That being said I couldn’t budge on the balcony.  It’s just a matter of what do you think you’d miss from booking a junior suite and are those things that will negatively impact your vacation.

    Agreed. A balcony is only like $300 cheaper than a junior suite on this sailing so no point in going to just a normal balcony. 

  9. Hi all. Looking for opinions from you guys. My wife and I are sailing a southern Caribbean cruise in March on vision out of Puerto Rico. The itinerary is attached. We've always done a balcony, junior suite, or even a grand suite depending on the deal. This cruise we currently have coveted corner aft junior suite 8088. The rate was higher than we paid for Symphony last year, however even when we booked, regular balconies were higher than our balcony on Symphony. 


    I'm looking at the itinerary and how port intensive it is. I'd love the corner aft, how ever if we went to an Oceanview balcony, we'd save a little over $2,000 dollars by downgrading. We do currently have $600 on obc with the JS so if we downgraded we'd lose most of that. 


    What would you do? Normally I'd say no way to an interior or ocean view because I love being on the balcony at sea and before bed and when waking up, but the port intensive and one sea day has me intrigued. We'd save $2,000 now but lose $600 obc so end up ahead by about $1,400 in the end. 


    And go! 




  10. Our next cruise is quite a ways out, but wondering what the best price is that someone got for the deluxe package within the last 6 months? Symphony in March we paid I believe $58 a day. I seem to remember the year before we paid roughly $40. I know typically the bigger ships seem to price higher. We'll be on Vision. 

  11. I just booked an express deal for the Embassy suites in San Juan for March. All the hotels are extremely pricey and this one was on sale for a little under $200 a night plus the resort fees. Is this a good deal? Who's stayed their recently? It seems like it has very good reviews

  12. In March we booked a 2020 cruise while on board and paid the $100 pp cruise deposit and got the $100 obc. If we change ships and sail date, do I lose all of it? Just planning ahead in the event we have to cancel and go on a cruise out of Florida since flights and hotels have been astronomical for San Juan lately. 

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