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  1. Did I make the right decision? We were on Symphony this last March and booked Vision next year because of the itinerary. It goes to Barbados, st Lucia, Antigua, tortola and Punta Cana.. We mostly did it because of the last two ports. As far as I know, royal rarely goes to either of those ports which is why we're paying more for this cruise than we paid for symphony. We were able to get corner js 8088 as well. Is it the right decision? Thoughts!
  2. Following along! Kind of in your same boat. We did symphony this March and have Vision out of Puerto Rico booked next March due to its awesome itinerary. Worst part is the balcony cabins are currently selling for higher than what we paid for a balcony on Symphony!
  3. Life goals except with my wife lol
  4. I think I remember seeing Mario in a trev and Chels vlog. If you haven't watched their stuff, they're phenomenal and I believe sponsored by royal or something l
  5. Hi all. My wife and I attended the welcome back thing for platinum and above for the first time last week. We've always just skipped it on previous cruises. The top cruiser on our cruise had I believe 2,000 nights at sea. That got me to thinking what is the highest you've heard of? We're slightly behind with a little under 100 but we're also still in our late 20's. Lol
  6. Hi all. We just got back from Symphony a few days ago and while on board we booked Vision of the Seas for next year out of Puerto Rico. We're going from their biggest and best to one of their oldest and smallest. The reason we did it because of the itinerary. This cruise stops in Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Tortola and Punta Cana. The last two we're very excited about because as far as I know during the March time frame this is the only ship with those two islands. Because it's in such high demand, we're paying more than we paid for Symphony which is tough for me. We grabbed corner aft junior suite 8088. Does anyone have recent pictures or experience with this room? It appears to be one of the most hard to get. The JS was only like $600 total more for the two of us than a balcony. Tell me what I'll love! We did Rhapsody two years ago and service wise it was awesome but definitely lacked excitement in some areas.
  7. Agreed. And I would take Katy over Bobby any day as CD
  8. I don't unfortunately. They had a decent bar and decent food.
  9. There was a TON of people from Brazil on the ship; first time that's ever been the case. They even did some stuff in their language.
  10. I forgot to mention while on board we booked next year's cruise. As soon as we saw a Royal ship going to the Dominican Republic and Tortola we jumped. Plus we managed to grab corner aft junior suite 8088 on vision for it!
  11. We didn't go in the water. You only get about an hour and the beach looked pretty crappy
  12. We did! It was a lot of fun. The thing I didn't care for was we didn't do a ton of off roading. Would I do it again? Probably not.
  13. We didn't do the escape room. We got out of our Uber at around 10:45 and were in the Windjammer around 11:10. Super fast!
  14. That's the odd part. We've done my time dining every year and this was the first we weren't able to get the same waitor
  15. Symphony was the first royal ship I've been on that didn't have a clothes line
  16. Hi all! Just waiting to get off the ship after a wonderful week doing the eastern Caribbean route. I thought I would post the good and bad and see if anyone has questions. The last sea day and today I've felt pretty crappy so I'm ready to be home. We went to Blue Lagoon in Nassau, a local excursion to a local beach and snorkel in st Thomas at Hull Bay, and we did a dune buggy excursion in st Kitts. The good: the ship is gorgeous! Everything from the colors to layout is wonderful. We loved Hooked. I loved the fact that all the public bathrooms have a motion sensor to open the doors. The art about all the urinals made me laugh. We had the deluxe drink package and definitely got our monies worth. It covered everything up to $13 and also included cans of soda whenever we wanted. We never got our freestyle cups in our room but we never bothered to attempt to get one either. We only did the comedy show, ice show and aqua show and skipped the Broadway shows. The comedians were hilarious. The ship never once felt crowded and the stowaway piano guy was fun too. The bad. The main dining room experience was by far the worst we've ever experienced in our roughly 9 Royal Caribbean cruises. We had a group of 5 and I made reservations before the cruise for 6:30 every night. First night was fine, 2nd night we tried to get the same waitor and they said there was no tables to they moved us; fine. Next night we loved our waitress and so next night we requested her and nope, can't do it so we got put with a new waitress and they were terrible. We ended up getting a different waitor every night of the cruise even though our reservation was the same time every night. Just felt odd and never had that before. The restaurant manager who checks us in every night was always rude and seemed like they had to search for a table for us every night. We ended up just doing the Windjammer the final night to avoid it all. The food in the dining room was average at best as well. The options were slim and I felt some of them were cheesy. Royal charging $2 for popcorn I thought was tacky as well. Overall, it was a good cruise but wouldn't consider it great. Now I'm ready to get home and sleep in my own bed and not the mattress that felt like a board in our cabin! Questions? Just ask!
  17. In years past the coke soda cups were in the cabin. They weren't today when we got the room. Do I get them from the bar or ask the room steward?
  18. Nothing special but took these at sail away today if anyone would like it feel free. Tomorrow is my turn on Symphony!
  19. I can't remember the details and trying to plan ahead. If I book a future cruise on board, deposit is $100 and you get $100 obc for that future cruise plus whatever promo royal is running? Is it $100 deposit even for junior suites or does it increase?
  20. Correct. Depending on the price of the package, as it will fluctuate, determines the break even point. Most mixed drinks around around $10 dollars, frozen drinks are anywhere from 9-14, beer is around 9. The package will include bottled water as well. Wine varies but would average about $10
  21. Ah never realized that. I've lost thousands in the casino on the ship but still bottom lol. I'm assuming my mlife status doesn't mean anything either for royal right?
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