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  1. Hi all. Looking over my set sail pass for my cruise on symphony next week and noticed something I never before. Below my name on the set sail pass it has my crown and anchor level of emerald and next to that it says 'choice'. Looking at my wife's set sail it just has her crown and anchor status of emerald and nothing else. Any idea why mine has "choice"?
  2. Viking crown lounge.. Is that only for suites now?
  3. Is the viking lounge only open to suite guests and pinnacle now?
  4. So many options I never thought of! I can't remember, where's the best bar on symphony to see the ocean? I remember on allure there were a lot of bars that were interior
  5. I know I know.. But those all go towards the frozen stuff which I've done many times 🙂 I'm hoping more mixer related
  6. Since I'm not a scotch drinker (at least not yet lol) do you drink it just straight?
  7. Heading on symphony next weekend and wanting to try some new drinks with the drink package! Outside of the usual Miami vice etc, what are some go to drinks? I'm wanting to try some scotch and others like that, but what's the best mixers to try? Jack and coke has been my go to. The drink menu at Boleros looks interesting. Looking for lots of ideas!
  8. Thanks! As per usual, the Royal Caribbean worker on the phone said I couldn't get it back in any way and of course when I mentioned going to the casino he changed his answer. It amazes me how big of a company Royal Caribbean is and how clueless most of their workers are on common items
  9. Hi. I purchased obc for our upcoming cruise with some reward gift cards I had gotten from Amex. If I don't use all of it by the end of the cruise, am I able to go cash it out at the end of the cruise? If that doesn't work, I could technically just go to the casino and cash it out and pay the percent fee right??
  10. If I prebuy obc, is it going to be refundable at the end of the cruise if I buy too much? I would want to get it back in cash since I'd use my visa gift cards to buy the obc.
  11. Yes that part I can do. One would think in this day and age they could split payments but what do I know 🤣
  12. Just as an update.. If I purchase obc, it won't show up in the cruise planner. Also, they require the entire package paid on one card and a gift card can't go towards the balance.
  13. First guy told me I can't buy the drink package or obc with a gift card. We'll see if I can get a different answer
  14. Ah Bob you are a genius as always! I never even thought of that. And if I remember, if I purchase obc it'll show up in my cruise planner and I can use it towards the package now too
  15. I have a $250 gift card I want to use to go towards the balance but since it doesn't pay for the entire balance of one drink package, it doesn't sound like I can use it
  16. I want to buy a drink package for 2. I want to split the payment and use two cards but I'm not sure I can. Online it won't let me. I called and was told they could pay for one package on one card and the other package on another card but would have to pay for each one in full. Any idea if I can do different?? I have a American express $250 gift card that I wanted to use towards it. Thoughts??
  17. Has anyone used St Thomas Adventures to do snorkeling before? Looking to book them. They seem ranked highly on trip advisor. It says we go to hull bay. Anyone??
  18. I noticed on the Royal app I can access mine and my wife's set sail pass electronically. Do they allow them electronically now with symphony or do I still need to print it?
  19. Hi all. First time on symphony soon. This is the first time I've ever had to select a boarding time during the online check in. Is this treated as usual though and you have a time but can show up earlier??
  20. Hi all. We've been to st Thomas a number of times. We'll be there again in March on symphony and looking to do something different. We've been to Megan's bay many times. We've also done a city tour. What else could we do? We like to be adventurous as we're still young! Thoughts?
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