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  1. Forgot to ask--how was embarkation/debarkation in Tampa?


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    It was super smooth! We were able to get in the suite line for embarkation and on in 10 minutes. Getting off we did self disembark and carried our own luggage. They let you leave basically whenever so we walked out at like 9 and were on our way to the aquarium by like 9:20. If you want to skip the long line for customs grab a porter and they bring you right up to a customs agent

  2. Glad to hear this review as we are on Rhapsody in October. We're 51, don't care about entertainment or the dining room. Just drinks and condition of the ship. We are in a JS on deck 8. Any thoughts? We have one day at sea. Thanks.


    As long as you're not a light sleeper you'll be fine. It never kept us awake, it just took some getting used to. The cart didn't happen much at night thankfully

  3. In Belize, we did a ship tour to a private small island for snorkeling. It was okay. The beach wasn't that great, however it looked beautiful. It was an hour tender there and back, the plus was it picked us up right at the ship.

    For the Belize stop, I am booked on the Barrier reef snorkeling wonders excursion. Was that the one you were on? Just wondering if we will be picked up at the ship or tender into Belize City? Thanks



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    Yes this was the exact excursion. They have you meet in the show room and then take you off the ship directly to a tender that goes straight to the private island as you're the only group at the island. Once heading back, they take you right to the ship and if you want to go to Belize you have to grab a normal tender, which we did.

  4. Myself and my wife, both in our mid to late 20s just got back from a week on Rhapsody of the seas. We went to Grand Cayman, cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. We stayed in junior suite 8568.


    The good: the weather was PERFECT all week. We never saw a drop of rain and I don't think it ever got below 70 degrees the entire trip. The seas were pretty calm as well.


    We did a snorkel and sting ray city tour in grand Cayman with captain Mario and it was wonderful. We had maybe 25 people on our ship so not crowded at all.


    In cozumel, we went to Mr Sanchos and it was wonderful as well. The food and drinks just kept coming. It was a $20 cab each way and the cost of Mr Sanchos was $55 per person for all you can eat and drink.


    In Belize, we did a ship tour to a private small island for snorkeling. It was okay. The beach wasn't that great, however it looked beautiful. It was an hour tender there and back, the plus was it picked us up right at the ship.


    In Costa Maya we did a local excursion and went to kohunlich ruins. It was again a long ride, about 2 hours each way, but we happened to be the only two on this specific tour so we had our own private guide and it was a nice day. I liked it but I probably wouldn't do it again since it was such a long car ride.


    The great : the crew! Our cruise director Elvis and activities manager TT were both phenomenonal all week and hilarious. There was a number of times we got to talk to them and have regular conversions. Our waiter and assistant, Elmer and Olga were both great. Our cabin steward, Emerson, was wonderful as well. We didn't ask for much but was always there and we had a towel animal every night of the cruise which was different from the past only getting them on formal nights.


    The bartenders were also a plenty. We had the deluxe drink package and I was impressed with how easy it was to find a waiter by the pool or show room. Last year on Navigator it was nearly impossible to find a waiter and this time they were always there.


    The ehh: the ship is definitely geared towards the old crowd so it was sometimes hard to find things to do. The ship got quiet fairly early. The shows were mostly geared towards the older crowd as well. We left early into a number of them in the show room and centrum.


    I also didn't like the fact you couldn't see your on board account on the TV like all other ships.


    The dining room had the "new" menus with dessert on the menu to order with all your other food but I didn't feel like it sped up the process at all. The food was still mediocre and the dessert options got even less. The only positive was they offered cheesecake every night but the "not every night"'desserts you had basically two new ones each night.


    Our cabin, and from the looks of it, all deck 8, lost power the final night of the cruise for about 20 minutes around 3 am and it was definitely a creepy feeling. The air and everything shut off so all you could hear was the ship creaking. I looked out in the hallway and only the emergency lights were on but they never said anything. Just found it odd.


    I didn't take pictures of the menus or compasses but any questions let me know. We ate in chops one night and you can taste the difference in quality. We only ordered the light breakfast room service so never experienced the fee

  5. On Rhapsody now. Departing in about an hour. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them before we leave or when we get back! So far, a nice ship. A lot smaller than anything we've done in the past, and with my wife and I being in our twenties, we definitely feel like some of the youngest on the ship

  6. Ours is one we have used for the last 6 years and they only do cruises. They're based in a different state than us as well and can only be reached via phone. We typically get on board credit, gratuities, specialty dining or a combo. This upcoming cruise we're getting $350 on board credit from them and $300 on board credit from Royal.

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