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  1. It may be easier for you to fly into MCO , explore Disney and what not - go on the cruise - and then fly out of Tampa. My suggestion - southwest or JetBlu. There are always good prices and have many direct flights with minimal - free luggage charges.



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    I was thinking this too. We have free vouchers from southwest so we'll have to do some price checking when the time comes

  2. Um, I thought it was obvious that my post was a tongue-in-cheek reply to Punchy, who wasn't upset about the room service change.


    His posts show he is sailing on Harmony on December 19, 2017 so this would impact him.




    Punchy understood it. ;);p:D




    OH! Lol!! This does sound like something Royal would eventually do!

  3. And here is RCL's reply.


    Effective December 9, 2017, Drink Packages will NOT be honored in the Main Dining Room as well as the following venues onboard Harmony of the Seas: Boot & Bonnet Pub, Boleros, Cafe Promenade,Sorrentos, Rising Tide Bar, Bionic Bar, Schooners, Sky Bar, Trellis Bar, and all specialty restaurants.


    Once onboard, please consult your cruise compass for listing of bars, stocked with bargain basement brands, where your Drink Package will still be honored.


    We are making this change in response to the demand for Drink Packages, to improve and enhance your drinking experience.




    Hey, at least they are giving you more than 2 weeks notice about the change to your drink package.






    This part sucks more than the room service.. You can basically get drinks with your package at like one bar..

  4. hi all! We're forever away from our cruise but like looking ahead. We may want to fly into Orlando a day or two early and go to Disney etc and then cruise Sunday out of Tampa. If I rented a car at MCO, is there a car rental place in Tampa I could drop the car off and get a free shuttle to the port? Has anyone done this??

  5. Back home and everything worked perfectly! We got a 2017 Camaro Convertible SS for 50 bucks and it was so fun. Once we got the car, we crammed our luggage into the car (that was a challenge) and drove to Miami to our hotel. Once unpacked, we met our party who flew into Miami and had a shuttle to the hotel and we drove down ocean Avenue and caught the night life. The next morning, we dropped the car off at the FLL airport and took their free shuttle right to the ship. It was SUPER easy and so much more fun than an uber. The top down in a high powered car is better any day!

  6. I love aft cabins for love GS even more, we had both last year on Brilliance with suite 1600, we also had priority tender on that, our concierge walked us down, perks are really nice


    We've only done grand suites on voyager class so this will be a first. Any other perks that aren't fleet wide that we'll have/not have other than special pool seating?

  7. That's a good deal for moving from a JS to GS on a 7-day cruise.


    That's what I thought because I had every intention of getting the junior suite. But once you factor in paying gratuities on the junior suite and less on board credit, in the end my lot of pocket being less than 500 difference is worth it. Only down side is we had an aft junior suite but I'll take the full suite perks over that for such a small dollar amount

  8. I think you answered your own question. You already have an Oasis class ship booked, you already don't like Oasis crappy itinerary (I dislike it also, same feelings about Labadee ;p), plus you have never been on Rhapsody. Rhapsody four ports of call, Oasis has three.


    You can't judge a ship if you have never been on it, and for 600 bucks cheaper? Yeah, that would be a no brainer for me. ;) We love porting at Costa Maya (but it's because we take a cheap taxi into Mahahual to enjoy the beach and touristy strip there :hearteyes:).


    We don't think we will enjoy Majesty, as too small, though we loved departed sister Monarch for the crew. So, I can't complain until I have actually been on the ship and will be on board this May. We like to mix it up, many times we have surprised ourselves. :) Expand my signature, and you will see what I am talking about. ;)


    So true!

  9. Debating whether to do this rhapsody sailing that goes to the Cayman islands (been there but loved), Belize and Costa Maya which we've never been to, and cozumel which we've been to many times.. Or Oasis which has a somewhat crappy itinerary of Labadee, Falmouth and cozumel all which we've been to. We can get a JS on Rhapsody for about $1400 per person, or on oasis we can do a JS for roughly $1700 per person. My concern is the ship size of Rhapsody because when we were on Jewel we liked it but felt it was lacking in activities but the oasis itinerary is lacking big time. Keep in mind in 2019 we have Symphony booked already.

  10. We feel the same exact way did not try GS until 2014 after about 15 RCCL cruises, we now have done 4 GS on RCCL and have 2 more booked for this year Liberty next month and Navigator in November, hard to give up perks after you get used to them. Be nice if RCCL perks were fleet wide for a suite pool deck area which our last cruise on Brilliance did not have.


    We did two GS cabins and we've done a few balcony cabins since.. Just has been depending on the price! Still debating on this one.

  11. For that price difference I would just book drink packages and enjoy drinks anywhere onboard. $800 more for a room that gets you no more perks other than having to stick to one Lounge during certain hours doesn't sound appealing at all to me. Lol


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    That's kind of my thoughts too. The pool seating was nice on ships that have it but since this one doesn't; we could get the drink package and make up for no suite lounge. It does goes to the Cayman so priority tendering would be nice in the GS but still doesn't justify the extra money

  12. No private pool seating, however there is show seating for suites. Access to the Concierge Lounge, with continental breakfast and nightly cocktail hour.


    Thank you Bob! It sounds like some of the extras aren't existing on this ship then. For tel of us on a 7 night cruise the price difference between a JS and GS is roughly 400 per person. Either cabin would give us double points and put us at diamond. The size of the room isn't a big deal to us. However the extra amenities with the GS are what typically draws us in. What would everyone else do?

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