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  1. Thanks for the review! I board in 19 days :)


    2 questions:


    Did you take the morning or afternoon tour with Woodwind? Any worries about being back to the ship on time? We're scheduled with them for the afternoon tour, which returns a half hour before all-aboard and I'm a little concerned about that.


    Do you know how much lunch at Sabor was? We're debating lunch vs. dinner at Sabor and are curious if it'll be cheaper to just reserve dinner ahead of time ($15) than pay for lunch once on board.




    We were on the morning snorkel so we got back on plenty of time. Woodwind is extremely profession so I wouldn't worry about missing the ship.


    We didn't do sabor so I'm not sure on pricing

  2. Thanks for the review! I'm in the car, boarding today! How's disembarkation going? I've read that it's been pretty difficult lately on Navigator. Any last minute tips?


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    It's a mess today because the escalators aren't working in the terminal so everything is backed up. We were supposed to be called at 8 and we're still waiting.

  3. Just waiting to get off the Navigator of the seas after the 9 night southern caribbean cruise to Labadee, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. It was myself and my wife (28 years old) and we are both emerald. The trip was great! We had junky weather on embarkation day and the first sea day which was unfortunate but after that the weather was great!


    We did just a beach day in Labadee, we rented a jeep for the day and did our own thing in Aruba; which included going to the natural pools. In Curacao we spent the day with Irie tours and it was fantastic and they took us to one of our favorite beaches in the entire caribbean with the blue-est water we've ever seen. In Bonaire we did a snorkel tour with woodwind and it was everything I hoped for and more! The company itself is amazing and the snorkeling was the best. Easily a top 5 event of our lives.



    Now the not so great. I read quite a few bad reviews about Navigator and a lot were true. Any day in the Caribbean is better than a cold day in Wisconsin so we still loved the trip but was never wowed the entire cruise. My time dining was SLOW and took forever to get drinks, food,menus . Many times the food came cold, and our waiter almost every night gave the wrong plate to someone else at our table. Our assistant waiter was pretty funny, and you could tell he was doing his best. We typically look forward to dining however we dreaded it this year because of how boring and slow it was.



    The shows were also the worst we've ever seen. Typically the singers are amazing and on this trip they were far from it. Our party of 6 all thought the same thing. The only two shows we stayed for the entire thing were the first night comedian and the 2nd or 3rd night. The final night comedian wasn't even remotely funny.

    Overall , it was a good trip just not "wowed". We did have the ultimate drink package and got our monies worth and we aren't even drinkers. The bar tenders were plentiful in the casino and show room and pool.



    Any questions?? Let me know!

  4. So I created a map of places to hit while touring Aruba.. They include:

    Aruba Butterfly Farm, California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridge, Arikok National Park, Bachelor's Beach, Baby Beach, and then back to the cruise terminal..


    Is there anything I'm missing? Any of these places I should avoid for being unsafe? Let me know :)



    We're going to be in Aruba again next week and renting a jeep. Any additional places I need to add??

  5. I posted this on the Florida board and didn't get much..



    We land in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday afternoon and have a hotel in Miami for the night and getting on Navigator Friday morning. Flying into Fort Lauderdale is two of us and 4 bags. We were going to originally take an uber which was going to be roughly 40 dollars. The next morning my wife and myself along with the other 4 at the same hotel was going good to take a shuttle or uber to the port which would be roughly $60.

    My question.. For about 65 dollars we can rent an suv which would be slightly cheaper than the uber/shuttle. Would you rent the suv? We'd bring it back to their airport location Friday morning and have them shuttle us for free to the port (all 6 of us). The hotel we're staying at has free parking. Which option would you choose and why?? Like I said, I posted this on the Florida board but didn't get much

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