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  1. I've been in balconies and oceanviews on Breakaway, which is virtually identical to Getaway. There is no advantage to the balcony cabins other than the balcony itself, the sliding door that lets in fresh air, and the coffeemaker. Deck 5 is quiet, has wider corridors, and is convenient to the restaurants and activities on Decks 6, 7, and 8.
  2. Bermuda has an extensive public bus network. Buy a pass and you can ride all day looking at the scenery and chatting with the locals.
  3. You would embark in Seattle and disembark in Los Angeles without an intervening distant foreign port. Not allowed.
  4. I was in an inside, which was unchanged from my prior cruise on the Caribbean Princess except, perhaps, for the bed and pillows. I can't remember whether they had been upgraded previously.
  5. They look exactly the same as the old cruise cards except that they're lacking the magnetic stripe and the signature space on the back.
  6. On the medallion.net homescreen, click on the "Cruise Concierge" button on the left side of the screen.
  7. The cruise cards have RFID and are recognized by all electronic readers on board. There is no more swiping; the cards do not have magnetic strips.
  8. Yes, if you get a cruise card while your medallion is functioning then they will both work for the duration of the cruise.
  9. You may opt out. I did. After a few days of minor annoyances with the medallion, I got a cruise card at Guest Services. I found it much more convenient to use - and it doesn't require any accessories.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/22/nyregion/humpback-whale-hudson-river-manhattan.html
  11. I was on the Breakaway when one of its azipods failed and we were stuck in the middle of the Hudson River for several hours waiting for tugboats to guide us into the berth for disembarkation. It probably seemed catastrophic to passengers who missed their flights. The cause for the failure became clear when a dead whale washed ashore.
  12. If you choose to stay onboard, you will be stuck in the theater listening to announcements until the last clueless in-transit passengers finally realize that they must show up. After that, there will be a long snaking line through immigration. Any fond memories of the previous cruise will be temporarily erased and you will begin the new cruise feeling dehumanized. I find it far preferable to leave and reboard. For those with no mobility issues, Fort Lauderdale is ideal for walking, especially along the beach. For others, the nearest Starbucks is a very short taxi ride away.
  13. I've made 10 am flights on several occasions with plenty of time to spare. It's 20 minutes from the pier to FLL. Plan on doing the walkoff with the first or second group.
  14. I strongly recommend disembarking independently and then getting back on after boarding begins. Sitting in the lounge or the theater waiting for the stragglers to show up was like being in grade school assembly, only worse. There's plenty to see and do in Fort Lauderdale, especially if the weather is nice. In the worst case, go to the nearby Starbucks and take advantage of the free and fast internet.
  15. I've done many cruises on NCL in balconies, oceanviews, and insides. With few exceptions, my cruise memories do not relate to the cabins. Once I recognized this, I no longer pay for upgrades.
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