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  1. My understanding is only $100 pp is truly unrefundable, and the rest can be saved as cruise credit and used for another cruise. Hopefully others will chime in to confirm. I am am sorry this happened. I am in the exact same boat, and booked Empress 1/2021 for its unusual itinerary. I will move my sailing to a different ship.
  2. It is most likely because of the high likelihood of missing the tender port. The recent 1/3/2020 Empress sailing had to cancel VG and the ship diverted to Tortola instead, and the following 1/11/2020 sailing also had to cancel VG and the ship went to St Croix instead. Both times the captain cited high wind and sea conditions. Disappointing for sure but if you haven’t been, the replacement ports are very beautiful and worth a visit. In my case I have been to both so I will most likely move my Jan 2021 sailing to another ship. I don’t mind little Empress
  3. Will have to see how they turn out because I am not so sure it’s the size itself that matters. We were on Encore for Thanksgiving week in a regular balcony (no Haven or Vibe or high status). While I had an enjoyable time and had fun at both water slides and the race track shooting range my DH didn’t share my experience or opinion. He has basically told me he will never go on this class of ships again. His biggest gripe? Lack of quality top deck space. On the other hand he liked Symphony of the Seas which is a bigger ship quite well and doesn’t object going on Oa
  4. Yes we had great luck last time. And this time we would love to see bears catching salmon. Trying for that Nat Geo cover picture. 😝
  5. Based on my research the biggest difference between the Extended Trekking and standard Trekking was the Extended Trekking adds an Ice Wall climbing experience with no prior rock or ice climbing experience needed. The climb will be on a 40 feet ice wall with plenty of safety harnesses and ropes. See if that is something they may be interested in.
  6. Thank you both so much! 🤗 I did inquire Anan and am still waiting for a couple of operators to get back to me. That might sway my decision go with the 7/24/2020 sailing. But if not I will most likely go with 8/13/2020 as you suggested. We had really good luck last time in Haines and saw about 2 dozen black AND brown bears (mothers, cubs, one big grizzly male) all playing together at one spot right off the highway to Yukon. We must have taken 10,000 pictures within 1 hour. 😅 And the best part was no one else on our ship rented a car so we were the o
  7. We had meals mostly in casual complimentary places this time. Garden Cafe: Pizza - thin crusted and lots of variety Asian noodles station - freshly cooked lunch time Indian station - the goat dish was delicious Soft serve ice cream The Local: Reuben - and I asked for extra sauerkraut Fish and chips - chips were so good
  8. I have 4 Norwegian Sun sailings and one Princess Pacific sailing on hold, all of them 11 or 12 night round trips out of Seattle or Vancouver, and all have the ports and port times we want. Princess Pacific 5/15/2020 Norwegian Sun 7/2/2020, 7/24/2020, 8/13/2020, 9/4/2020 This will be our 2nd and 3rd time to Alaska and the main objective is wild life sighting especially whales (likely do it in ISP), salmon spawning and bears (will likely do Traitor’s Cove), and extended glacier trekking and ice wall climbing (will likely book through the ship in Juneau) and at a l
  9. I am not the OP but I am currently on the ship. Personally I find the pool deck to be VERY busy with lots of kids and adults. I walked around a few times but always ended up leaving fairly quickly. The people who are on the pool deck do seem to be enjoying themselves though. There was a Sexy Leg competition going on a short while ago and people were having fun. Lots of laughters.
  10. On this ship! We are moving! When we arrived at the port we were directed by deck number: odd number deck cabins go on terminal B and even deck cabins use terminal C.
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