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  1. Thanks for the input. I am hoping we don't get any noise from the deck above.
  2. Am looking at changing to Grand Suite cabins 1274-1286 - any comments would be appreciated. Are these noisy, affected by anything?
  3. We are cruising on Liberty of the Seas in Grand Suites and I am wondering if anyone can give me some information on these Grand Suites. It looks like 1264 has a whirlpool above it, does that also affect 1260? Is there a lot of noise from above in these suites. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. You can check for offers at clubroyaleoffers.com You input your last name and crown and anchor number and your offers and expiratiion dates are listed. Often there are offers listed there that you haven't received information on. If you call the Casino Royale number they can email you a copy of what ships, dates and type of room is available for a specific offer.
  5. Just off Harmony. They reprogrammed our WOW bands from previous purchase with no questions asked. They worked great in the casino, just cannot use them when you get off the ship. We used our sea pass cards for the muster station number. It is also on your stateroom door.
  6. Just off the phone with Casino Royale staff. I had a couple of numbers on the website that I had not received any details on. I gave her the numbers and she immediately emailed me the information on the cruises that were available. https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/ I was able to book a balcony on a 9 day cruise next fall, yeah!!!
  7. You indicated you are leaving in March - we are on March 15th cruise, will you still be there?
  8. As stated above, save your points until the last night and then instead of getting free play ask for the OBC to your account.
  9. I believe the casino opens at 5:15 pm on Coco Cay days.
  10. I will be be on the ship in March, will you still be there?
  11. Has anyone stayed at this hotel - would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  12. I purchased a band on Anthem this year. They are like a watch band. I am going to bring the band on the Harmony next month and see if they can update it to my new cruise. I liked the band, don't have to wear a lanyard all the time. Not sure if it is water proof or if they provide them to kids.
  13. You can go on the following website for RCI to see if you have earned any cruises even if you don't get an email or a snail mail offer. https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/
  14. We did the b2b Arctic Circle and Scandinavia-Russia from Copenhagen in 2018. It was one of the best cruises we have every taken. We took it in June and it was cool at the top of the Arctic Circle but hot in Copenhagen. Finland to Russia was very warm, Estonia warm and Sweden perfect weather. I am glad I brought a fleece, gloves, and a hat plus a waterproof jacket. Dress in layers and you will be fine. You are in for the time of your life.
  15. Hi Chris! Really enjoyed your videos. I will be on the Mariner March 10th, will you still be in the Casino? I am a prime member and enjoy the slots on my cruises. If you are still there in March I will stop and say hello.
  16. Has anyone done this excursion on Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas? Would appreciate any comments about it.
  17. Anyone know the earliest you can make a flight that will be accepted by Royal Caribbean for their transfer bus?
  18. My TA is my sister so I know that is not the case, she was concerned about the balance due issue too as she is on the cruise with me.
  19. I have had the same problem on two of my cruises that I have already paid in full. My TA called and said it was paid in full but still got an invoice with money owing. I have a copy that says it is paid so am not concerned, my edocs are in and everything is in order so I leave on Saturday, yeah!!!
  20. You can go to clubroyaleoffers.com put in your name and Crown and Anchor number and it will list all of the offers you have. Toggle over the name of the offer and sometimes it will give you ship details.
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