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  1. Back in Canada, arived in toronto this am now waiting for connecting flight to NS. Been travelling for over 24 hours now. We flew santiago to brazil ... no screenings at all Brazil flight to Toronto. Almost full, everyone allowed to embark no matter nationality. Lots of brazilians. No check of temps. Arrived in canada and at customs had to say yes to voluntary self quarantine. Which we gladly will to protect our neighbors in our small town. No temps were taken, only paper given out with info. Kind of sad. But heard rules will really ki
  2. edit: sorry i see it was already answered. the cruise was to end in San Antonio the original disembarkation port. However since ship can not dock they can't get off and get those flights. Those on the b2b that were on the next leg were assured friday evening that the cruise was go from San Antonio to San Diego. The next day at 3 pm (just over 12 hours before next flight) they cancelled the March 15 cruise. Everyone on b2b booked flights home from Santiago. But many probably have missed those flights too. A real s...t show. I am flying out tomorrow after cruise was
  3. Are you on the eclipse? If yes, attend the port lectures. I am the destination expert on board and will give lectures on all the ports ahead of time and should assist with ideas on what to do. Also i am available on board for answering questions. Vickie
  4. It seem now no matter how you book (one segment or multiple) the system recognizes the total time you are on ship. We just got off a b2b of 16 and 14 days. When we got on internet showed wifi package for entire 30 days. Our CC loyalty minutes only said 250 min instead of what we would get for each leg. Talking with internet manager he said if we go with our free min he will correct it. But we bought the unlimited for a reduced rate for entire time. Note we could not buy unlimited for just one of the legs. This is the third b2b this year where it has beem like this. Hope thi
  5. We recently celebrated pur 750 days. We got vip status. Champagne, flowers, tour of the bridge, recognition at captain circle party, and sabatini breakfast. At 500 days you get allthe above but sadly no sabatinis until 750. Congratulations and enjoy
  6. Have been to both salvador and rio numerous times. Have spent time in rio for extended periods. Yes use caution. Personally i would not bring the camera. I used my phone and tucked away when not using. I do all my own private tours or explore on my own. Now i would say the same for almost all south america ports. Be smart. Last year while travelling on 49 day SA cruise i heard personally from guest of robberies.
  7. Currently on Caribbean Princess and they told my friend they no longer give the option of the cruise card. Everyone has a medallion. Just think of it as a coin sized card that opens your cabin if you wish and forget about all the other options. If you do not want your spouse to locate you, you can turn that off. Ask medallion desk for assistance if you need.
  8. Yes you can access both account from one device. Just log out and then log in as spouse. Can be a bit of a pain but doable, Not you need to download ocean compass too. Thought the new medallion app would encompass all the old apps but nope. If you try to access ocean compass (finding friends spouce etc on board) with new app they then open the old ocean compass app. Currently on caribbean princess
  9. Picked up at pier in San Martin. All details are in the blog post, and I believe a link to the company. Don't take the bus, so long. Shuttle to Paracas, then bus to Pisco... Not sure where Peruana is? Ships dock in San Martin, close to Paracas, then Pisco is just a bit further. There are companies in Paracas that can take you to the Nazca Lines.
  10. I have pictures of the family suite. Although I was on the Emerald Princess. Here is a link to the cabin video slide show I put together. You can find the family suites at 5 min 25 sec. note those cabin balconies are very very windy when at sea, sometimes almost impossible to use.
  11. I believe you are sailing on the Star. We were on her in April and since the ship is being sold they are not putting in Medallion. Here is a link to the ship schedule for implementation and the Star is not on it. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/
  12. You will get a cruise credit for each segment. Three voyages, three credits. Like others have said if it is only one cruise, and sold as only a 21 day then it is only 1. But it is technically a b2b2b. We have done a lot of these b2b. As much as 6 in a row. We have always gotten a credit for each leg. It is automatic (wasn't always the case it sometimes required a visit to the Captain Circle Host, but as of the past few years it is auto.). Now take note, even though you finish the first leg you will need to confirm with CC Host that the platinum bene
  13. Streaming netflix can be done but i find it bettervto just download and watch off line.
  14. Here they are from earlier this year https://vickieandbernietravel.blogspot.com/2019/08/bar-menus-spring-2019.html
  15. We had this exact cabin and like others said it was not soundproof. In fact i heard the guy snoring next door. Mind you i am a light sleeper. Also door is not where couch is. It was right where the room opens from the hallway.
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