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  1. Picked up at pier in San Martin. All details are in the blog post, and I believe a link to the company. Don't take the bus, so long. Shuttle to Paracas, then bus to Pisco... Not sure where Peruana is? Ships dock in San Martin, close to Paracas, then Pisco is just a bit further. There are companies in Paracas that can take you to the Nazca Lines.
  2. I have pictures of the family suite. Although I was on the Emerald Princess. Here is a link to the cabin video slide show I put together. You can find the family suites at 5 min 25 sec. note those cabin balconies are very very windy when at sea, sometimes almost impossible to use.
  3. I believe you are sailing on the Star. We were on her in April and since the ship is being sold they are not putting in Medallion. Here is a link to the ship schedule for implementation and the Star is not on it. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/
  4. You will get a cruise credit for each segment. Three voyages, three credits. Like others have said if it is only one cruise, and sold as only a 21 day then it is only 1. But it is technically a b2b2b. We have done a lot of these b2b. As much as 6 in a row. We have always gotten a credit for each leg. It is automatic (wasn't always the case it sometimes required a visit to the Captain Circle Host, but as of the past few years it is auto.). Now take note, even though you finish the first leg you will need to confirm with CC Host that the platinum benefits have been added as it takes time for Princess to catch up to your loyalty level. We have gotten cards for 2nd leg and it did not reflect the number of cruises accurately in the bottom right - but that was just a small formality. I know she probably doesn't care too much about the card or medalion colour, but yes the perks are good (or at least good to know and have the option to use) like Platinum Elite lounge, disembarkation lounge, internet minutes. Cheers
  5. Streaming netflix can be done but i find it bettervto just download and watch off line.
  6. Here they are from earlier this year https://vickieandbernietravel.blogspot.com/2019/08/bar-menus-spring-2019.html
  7. We had this exact cabin and like others said it was not soundproof. In fact i heard the guy snoring next door. Mind you i am a light sleeper. Also door is not where couch is. It was right where the room opens from the hallway.
  8. It is possible. Here is a link to my blog report on it. http://vickieandbernietravel.blogspot.com/search/label/San Martin Just remember that sea fog early in the morning often delays everyone and can even mean a cancellation. Ship excursions tend to get priority.
  9. Have been here numerous times. The train is lovely. Great hiking too. Definitely a tour to the end of the world. I have written about in my blog, link below, go to bottom and click on port and all blogs that talk about that port will show up.
  10. Have done a tour to the elqui valley twice, beautiful area. One was more wine focuses, the other was more about the petroglyphs. La serena is lovely too. I have written about in my blog, link below, go to bottom and click on port and all blogs that talk about that port will show up.
  11. We are currently on the royal heading to LA. Yes boarding will be probably late due to the ship first artiving in the Us after south america. We know all thecrew have to go thru customs as well as all the guests. Expecting public health and probablycoast guard. We are staying on for the first mexican cruise and have to change cabins. Going from guest entertainer to a guest. The ship is amazing. Entertainment top notch. If you want to see the early show yeah come early but we have had no issue showing up for last show a few min earlier and getting a seat. Enjoy
  12. We are currently on deck 7 way forward, and we have had some bumpy rides on this south american journey but have not noticed much difference inthis cabin as many i have had all over the ship. Biggest noise is anchor drop. That wakes me every time
  13. Thankfully we made it into stanley today. Beautiful day. Hundreds of penguins were seen on the port side at Gypsy cove from the ship as we sailed in. Then again as we anchored tons of penguins could be seen in the water from deck 7 outside. I have never seen so many surrounding the ship. Was a great site for those that could not get off the ship due to tendering and mobility issues. On our way to the horn...
  14. Princess Ship: CD / ED (Last known sailing or update) Caribbean Princess: Michael "Micca" Reitano (Jan 2019) Coral Princess: Crown Princess: Peter Tredgett (March 2019) Diamond Princess: Emerald Princess: CD Kaylee Lloyd / ED Lisa Ball (Jan 2019) Golden Princess: CD John Loney / ED Tim Donovan (Sept 2018) Grand Princess: CD Peter John DeKock / ED Lee Childers (Aug 2018) Island Princess: Majestic Princess: Pacific Princess: Neil Rose (Jan 2019) Regal Princess: CD Lexi Comley (Feb 2019) Royal Princess: CD Matt O'Brien (Jan 2019) / Ron Goodman (until Mar 😎 Billy Hygate (joins March) Ruby Princess: CD Gary Golding / ED Richard Joseph (Feb 2019) Sapphire Princess: CD Marcus Prince Juanta (?) Sea Princess: Sky Princess: Alex Yepremian (upcoming) Star Princess: CD Fernando Cunha (December 2018) Sun Princess: CD Benny Yau (August 2018) TO UPDATE THE PRINCESS CD/ED LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including these instructions, from the most up-to-date Princess Cruise Directors list. Go to the bottom left of the latest post and click the "Post Reply" button. Paste your copied text into the box that opens. Make your modifications to the list. Click "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct - you can edit for up to 20 minutes
  15. that white area adjacent to your cabin is crew area with two staircases and one elevator. I use it often to access my guest entertainers cabin on deck 7. It is on every deck. There is also duck work and electrical stuff there. I believe you are the first cabin above the stage. The rigging/lighting goes WAY up and the sound carries. We had a similar cabin on the Star once on Aloha deck I believe. Yes it was definitely noticeable.
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