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  1. Ok thank you everyone. We will stay with Cosol. Also happy to give our business to a local company! I can hardly wait...8 more sleeps til we leave for SJU.
  2. Looks like RCL lowered the price for some excursions on our cruise next week. In St Lucia, we booked a tour with Cosol Tours that will cost $310 for the 4 of us. With RCL, the tour will cost $209 for the 4 of us for pretty much the same tour to see the Piton, do mud baths and local lunch. The only main difference I can tell is RCL doesn’t do the snorkeling/beach stop to jalousie beach. So I’m torn between saving $100 and going with Cosol. Anyone have any experience? Duration of both tours is around 5.5 hours.
  3. Mitsugirly, were you able to contact Javin? I was able to book a tour with them for late April. His assistant was the one who’s responded to my emails.
  4. Do you know if the jogging track goes completely around? The deck plan doesn’t show that it does. I love that we can walk around the ship on the promenade deck.
  5. Nice! Please come back and tell us if you discover any new secrets! 😉
  6. Will do. Let me know there’s anything in particular you want to know.
  7. Agree. Haven’t seen new trip reports lately. I think we are on the same sailing. Also our first cruise on FOS. Actually fist ROyal cruise. We’ve been on NCL, Celebrity, Carnival and HAL but haven’t been on a cruise for about 5 years. So we are excited.
  8. That’s not true, it’s still a secret from thousands of people who don’t do research before their cruise! 😉
  9. Yikes!!! 35 minutes? I guess I’ll have to choose one. Thanks.
  10. Hi, so so excited!! We are now only one month away til our sail away. I can’t seem to find the “secrets” thread and I’m desperately looking for hidden secrets on FOTS. On NCL a few years back, there were hidden food venues like fish and chips and on Celebrity sushi, etc. I’m looking for stuff like this and other things to do around the ship that are not very well know. They don’t have to be free but reasonable as far as cruise pricing go. So far I remember from reading the elusive secrets thread are: Cafe Promenade is free and has good coffee and snacks, we can access the helipad through some secret door. Ugh I can’t believe that’s all I remember.
  11. Hi, I think we might take the bus from the cruise terminal to either Darkwood or Valley Church. I can’t seem to make up my mind which beach to spend the day. Is it possible to walk from Darkwood to Valley Church - either on the beach or the road. How far is the walk and is it safe? We will be there in April and will be with 2 kids age 12 and 16.
  12. Thank you Ashland. I think you are right. After much thought and some advice from tripadvisor, I came to realize I won't be saving much doing it on our own and then dealing with the hassle. After considering Cosol, Real St Lucia, Spencer and Serenity, I think I've decided on booking with Cosol.
  13. Hi, we will be in St Lucia in April as a stop on our cruise. I've been combing through the posts here trying to finalize our day and now I'm wondering if renting a car and doing it on our own is a really bad idea. Some background, we are family of 4 (kids are 12 and 16) and we love to travel. My husband love to drive and is a great driver - we did an Ireland driving tour on our own last year - so he is used to driving on either side of the road. I did tentatively book a car reservation but can be cancelled. Some of the things that worry me are the reports of crime against tourists as well as finding our way around St Lucia on essentially an 8 hour period. Do many cruise passengers opt to do this port on their own? St Lucia doesn't seem to be a great beach destination as other stops on our cruise. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  14. Yessss! Thank you! Was hoping someone would do a live review of Freedom. Been envious of the other cruise ship live reviews. Thank you!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Yeah I came to the same conclusion trying to depart from “nearby” airports - the few bucks saved on airfare is not enough to make up additional costs from transfers/driving to another city. Incidentally I am also looking at either United or Jet Blue from EWR to SJU. From my past experience with they are both decent airlines. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  16. Thank you everyone for your feedback and stories. I’m still on the fence. Will continue to check flights over the next several weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  17. We are on April 21-28 FOTS. Have been wondering if the wait and see approach will bite me later. The most important part is getting back on the 28th as kids have school the next day. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  18. I have yes. Even considering driving up to 3 hours away to another airport but it’s spring break week so flights are so expensive from everywhere near NYC. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. It is nonstop but I don’t see a later flight that would get us there before the cruise departs. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. Hi everyone, we will be on Freedom sailing from San Juan in April 2019. Flights to SJU has gotten so expensive. Considering flying in the day of cruise arriving around noon (direct flight from NYC). I normally wouldn’t do this but since the cruise doesn’t depart til 8pm this seems ok to me. A part of me is hesitating though. Anyone with experience doing this? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. Anywhere to get (for free) fish and chips and sushi on FOS? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. Yes the number still works and still option 4. It was easy and I received the confirmation email right away. Thank you so much. I would not have know to pick option 4! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  24. Hello everyone. First time RCI cruiser here. Have cruised on Celebrity, Norwegian, Holland America and Carnival. So excited to try out RCI. We will be on the Freedom of the Seas next year April 2019. I made the reservation on RCI website. However the only confirmation I received is the deposit confirmation and when I log in to my account on RCI website, there's no document that's shows the total cost and breakdown of cost for the reservation. Just the cabin number and passenger names. Is this normal? I want to transfer the booking to a travel agent but I want to make sure it transfer with all the right info. Thank you so much!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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