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  1. Can't wait to read your posts - just booked his trip for next summer.
  2. Great thread - we get on the Spirit the day you disembark. I'd love to see a photo of the menu at La Trattoria if you eat there. Don't go to any trouble. Awesome blog - I enjoyed reading it. Happy Cruising!
  3. We're sailing on the NCL Spirit with an overnight stay in Dublin. Looking for a dinner and dancing show - Is Celtic Nights a good show or do you have any other ideas? Also, will we have trouble getting a taxi back to the port after the show?
  4. Also, hotels and car rental companies do the same thing. Just a heads up about using a debit card on your next trip. 😊 Hopefully the holds fall off the account soon and you have access to your money. This site offers a good explanation - it's a bank issue (which they probably won't admit) https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/need-know-credit-debit-card-holds.php
  5. I hope I'm putting this in the right spot, as opposed to starting a new thread. We have booked three trips with Blackberry Cars to take us from LHR to our hotel near Victoria Station, from our hotel to Southampton, then from our hotel back to LHR post cruise. I've paid for the service online, but what should I tip the driver? I read to "round-up," but being pre-paid there is no rounding. We'll have two suitcases. Thanks!
  6. I just reserved one - our flight gets in at 6:50 AM and they set the time to pick us up at 8 AM - I had to enter flight information so they can monitor it.
  7. We've sailed twice in the last two years out of San Juan - both times they didn't start accepting luggage until about 10:15 and you have to line up to drop your luggage off with the porters. We arrived about 10 am and waited in line both times. I don't know if it's always that way, but was our experience the last two cruises.
  8. I've always used the pre-concierge e-mail address to book NCL excursions in the past. When I tried for our cruise last December they told me they didn't have access to book shore excursions. I found it interesting that the letter that came with the luggage tags said to contact them to book excursions. Not sure if it's something they don't do any more or the guy who answered the e-mail just didn't want to be bothered.
  9. Update: After following St. John Bracelet Co on Facebook we decided to go with them. Took a taxi from Havensight to Red Hook and caught the 9 am ferry across. Found just what I wanted at St. John Bracelet Co. - purchased my yellow gold bracelet and husband bought a silver and gold hook bracelet. They didn't have his in stock so he had to wait for them to make it and ship it to us. We are very pleased with our experience with them and the jewelry we purchased. I recommend them highly.
  10. We were on the Dawn over Christmas. Cagney's had the ribeye on the menu, but didn't have any on board. We ate there 3 times and each time they told us the ribeye wasn't available. We thought it was odd. (once was our Platinum meal, twice with the SDP) It's been my husbands go-to meal in the past.
  11. Exactly!!! We've been on a lot of cruises and Jamaica was the worst. The drug dealers we encountered didn't take a polite "No, thank you." We had the same problem both times we ported in Jamaica. My boss was told it wasn't safe to leave the resort she booked for their honeymoon. I'll take Nassau any day.
  12. Hi Tampafish, We were just looking at this hotel, but not sure since it doesn't have air conditioning. Was that a problem in the summer?
  13. Also, if you have the "Do Not Disturb" on when they bring the snacks they won't want to bother you and won't leave any snacks. I always suspect this is the case when someone claims their butler never brought any snacks. Honestly, we find it fun to see what they are bringing that day - it's a surprise and there's always something we'll eat. Some days are better than others.
  14. We disembarked on Sunday (and sailed last December) - both times at PanAmerican Pier. The taxi drivers will know where to go.
  15. I hope my comment wasn’t misunderstood. I was talking about my experience with a different Concierge that now seems to move around the bigger ships with rave reviews. The two we’ve had on the Dawn were great.
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