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  1. Sorry I am elite but I do not drink but my wife does and of course I would like to save money. You are suggesting bring your own case of wine if you drive and they won’t do anything other than the dining room corkage fee ? Or are you suggesting the regular two per?
  2. I am Canadian so we are members of Nexus which falls under GOES program and is great. Our card says expiration date on it and we are expected to renew about 6 months before our birthday. Probably totally different from the GOES program but I tell you going through Newark a couple of years ago it made about an hours difference. We do the same on Known Travelers Program for TSA Pre-Check. W cruisedafewtimes
  3. Wine-O This is what the RCL girl said which answers nothing " The smaller tender vessels usually operate every 30 minutes or so once the ship has been cleared." Question is it private or ship ? If ship how many approximately do they lower ? W cruisedafewtimes
  4. I usually check our luggage when getting off the plane. My wife once had an Alaska Airlines severely bend of a wheel. ( They must do something pretty bad ) Took it to the luggage/baggage desk and they paid for it. Challenge is you take it to their luggage repair shop. Good thing is you find out where a good luggage repair shop is. W cruisedafewtimes
  5. Travelpro Platinum*Magna*2 Expandable Spinner Suiter Suitcase, 29-in., Black Waterproof
  6. Any news on who will replace Clo on the Brilliance on the Sept.1 TA ? W cruisedafewtimes
  7. Do you mean the Explorer starting in Sydney & ending in Singapore or do you mean the cruise starting in Signapore going to Dubai and then Barcelona ?
  8. June 14/2018 Good Morning Gay Hope you are well . I agree, we even go through drawers & bathroom. I always forget something ! W cruisedafewtimes
  9. If you book a hotel confirm that they will pick you up. We have run into a hotel that sold themselves as 24 hour airport shuttle but in actual fact they were 6 am to 12 midnight. Before booking call and ask their hours of shuttle pick up. Don't take it for granted. You might get surprised! When booking call first or have a cancellation period and call to be sure ! I have paid to learn the hard way ! ! ! W cruisedafewtimes
  10. Hello to all I am taking the Brilliance on September 1 . Any ideas who the replacement for Clo will be ? Is Abe coming back ? W
  11. You know my wife and I are paying for a beautiful cruise. We get a cabin steward that visits our cabin twice a day. We go to a dining room with a waiter and asst. waiter that serves us. We might have a few drinks at the many bars around the pool or when someone is playing the piano. Casino, movie or whatever ? We very often go to the theatre to some sort of show be it Broadway or not. You know what we want from the Captain ? STEADY AS SHE GOES ! Sometimes he/she has to go around bad weather or sometimes he /she has to speed up. Usually get to ports as near as on time as possible. Hopefully if tendering the weather allows us to do so but he makes a safe call . But besides that if I see him or her or not I do not care ! Oh .... One other thing .... Allows me to sleep when he or she can as much as possible. We are happy. Anything else is extra. How about you ? W + D cruisedafewtimes
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