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  1. The noise wasn't too bad or too loud. Around 11 to midnight and 6 am. Never bothered DH but I am a light sleeper. I would stay in that cabin again. The size outweighs the noise.
  2. K1116 on Zuiderdam Some noise from the dining room. No engine noise. Large cabin. Check out pictures on Halfacts.com
  3. @1ANGELCATSending positive thoughts for tomorrow.
  4. Prayers for your nephew's family. Hopefully they are mid cases. 5 little people who can't be vaccinated are the reason DH and I are staying close to home. We want to be able to see them.
  5. Thank you everyone for the concern for my DH. It is appreciated. Our (young) doctor has never come across post polio syndrome, and will do some research, and hopefully find a doctor who has experience with PPS. In the meantime, we are hoping physio will help. @rafinmd Thank you for having DH on the Care list. He is okay, and you can take him off the list. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. @smitty34877Your family is certainly having its issues. Positive thoughts headed out to your family dealing with Covid, and your DGD with broken wrists. Did you actually remember how to cook for just 2? LOL @ger_77Enjoy the time with your grandchildren.
  6. Look at halfacts. Zuiderdam 1116 It's in a different location, but one of the big square cabins, so I assume it will be the same. Loved the size, and placement of the cupboards.
  7. Not quite in time for DH, who had polio in 1953. Spent 2 years in the hospital, and had many surgeries. Since grade 8, he has been fine. Until last week, when back issues caused leg issues, and now his leg will not hold his weight. Not sure what the future will bring.
  8. Hope you had a great day and a delicious dinner tonight.
  9. Was that the Sydney to Vancouver cruise? We heard him playing too. If it was, it was 5 years ago. The reason I can remember, is that a DGS was born while we were away. Time flies!
  10. @Sharon in AZPositive thoughts headed to Jakob. @rafinmdWe loved the Segway tours. Did them in many places. Segways are no longer being produced. Sigh.... @kazuWe do like our air fryer and use it a lot. The one we have is made by Instant Pot. My daughter had the air fryer lid for her Instant Pot, but found it too small. She recently got a Ninja XL. It is larger than the toaster oven she replaced. But fits on the counter under the cupboard. Can toast 9 pieces of bread, She cooked a whole head of cauliflower and 4 chicken breasts at one time.
  11. Beautiful flowers. Happy Anniversary! @rafinmdGlad to hear you are safely home and enjoyed the reunion. Busy morning with a 2 year old DGS who slept over. Good little guy, but BUSY! Our DD was camping and her BIL's family joined them for the afternoon. His Mom is visiting from Sao Paulo. She had never walked thru a forest!
  12. Just want to tell you how much I admire you for everything you have been doing for Tana and her son. Please take care of yourself too. I am sorry to hear it has been a hard day for you.
  13. Sending positive thought for a good recovery.
  14. So sorry to hear you are in the hospital. Prayers for a speedy diagnosis and quick recovery.
  15. Glad to hear you made it to Mobile safely and are enjoying your trip. @rafinmdEnjoy your reunion. Safe travels.
  16. @kpladyGlad to hear the surgery went well. Rest and recover. @irishjimPositive thoughts headed to you for a successful surgery and quick recovery. @smitty34877Thanks for the update on baby Camilla. Sweet baby. Glad she is doing so well. We did have fortune cookies for dinner yesterday. The gas company came to my DD's house yesterday to change the gas meter. And discovered a couple of things they red tagged, and a small gas leak. She couldn't get anyone to look at it until today, and so she brought her 2 little boys here for a bath, and then left them here while they went to vote in an advance poll for the upcoming federal election. They returned with Chinese food for dinner, as they didn't want to have dishes to do at their house. As for Peanut Day yesterday, the youngest DGS has a peanut allergy, so he didn't get to enjoy the Chinese food or the fortune cookies. For a family that lived on peanut butter it has been an adjustment! The gas repair was completed today, and the gas is back on. The repair man was pretty sure that the one who changed the meter caused the leak! But it is repaired, and they are safe.
  17. Sending positive thoughts for your surgery tomorrow.
  18. Enjoy your visit with your son. Always nice to see where they are living. Safe travels.
  19. @Quartzsite CruiserHappy Anniversary! Enjoy your day!
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