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  1. I have a simliar story. We sailed on Magellan Christmas/New Year 2018/9. It was two cruises, back to back. The Panama Canal trip. Many folk on the ships were sick with colds/flu etc. I caught it and decided to visit the medical centre. I was not told how much it would cost but I went for 4 days am and pm and had antibiotics IV plus oxygen. I expected a couple of hundred pounds. We live abroad and are used to private medical bills. On the last night of the first cruise a bill appeared under our door around midnight for just under £3,500. I thought, OK, I will visit Reception in the morning as it must be wrong. I went at 9am....too late, they had taken the monies from my card at 3.30am !! As you say, you have to give your card details to reception on embarkation. As we were staying on the ship for the next cruise, I decided to try to talk to personal and make a formal complaint. My insurance company, BUPA International were proving very difficult to make contact with. The Medical Centre said they had never heard of BUPA and had no way of making contact with them! I have been with BUPA all my life as we live abroad. The personel officer, nice Italian, just smiled every visit and said how can I help you? when he could do nothing! Separate department madam... We had a meeting with the Ships Doctor, she was just rude. BUPA eventually paid me, some months later, but the monies went out of my account first, just aswell I had the funds there or I would have been overdrawn. The experience was so bad that never again will we sail CMV. Many people had the same experience. The ship was sick from Day 1 with coughs, colds etc. Perhaps they keep it going to keep the hospital busy??? (joke) This past Christmas/New Year we sailed on Saga's new ship Spirit of Discovery. Wonderful, we are converts and will not be looking at CMV again whatever the price!
  2. It was the Magellan December 2018 - January 2019
  3. They set up a table near the restaurant on embarkation day. You choose the time and where you would like to eat. You can also change, if you ask the Maitre Di nicely. We did find him very accommodationg. Food as I remember, is the same, its the times that are different.
  4. Very sorry, but wrong! We were on the Panama Canal and Costa Rica cruises last December 2018 and January 2019. I was very ill, as were many other passengers. 4 days on IV drips in the ships hospital twice a day with a bill of over £3,000. The hospital was packed every day with sick passengers. There are many comments on the thread of read them.
  5. I agree. Hubby & I were on Magellan this last December and January. We took far too many clothes for Hubby! Dress code was casual except for formal nights and then not everyone dressed up!
  6. My husband & I cruised from December 16th to January through the Panama on the Magellan. Was extremely ill for two weeks on the cruise. Doctor, prescribed IV antibiotics etc etc. Bill was £3,400 !!! the hospital on that ship is the best money earning department!! It took several weeks to get payment from BUPA, but I finally did. Nightmare cruise in many respects including flights back to the UK. Read the threads. Majority of passengers had no food from Costa Rica right through to Gatwick on the Virgin airways flights, except for a crunchy bar and a packet of nuts! Nothing else at all, it was appalling.
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