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  1. I agree with Helen! Yes, note your special occasion on your reservation, but don't count on it to be done. Talk to them when you meet them the first dinner. They'll ask you when you want it. Don't be afraid to confirm again that it's been done. They tend to drop the ball on this stuff, in my experience. Since it's your dd's 21st, it's important that it be celebrated. I would even talk to someone early on the day you want the cake. I'm sure those are made up ahead, so you just have to ask.
  2. I would hate to miss any of those islands by staying on board the ship. Each offers its own uniqueness. Yes the ship is fun when it's not crowded (FOS one of our personal favorite ships) but you can play in a pool anywhere around home. You can always choose beautiful beaches if you want to watch costs, or combine an island tour (think open air truck style) combined with a beach stop. I wouldn't even be able to say which place to skep! I've been to every one of them and liked them all!
  3. The demographic does change a little bit, depending on the time of year. The best time to see more kids is during school break times on a 7 days (or less) cruise. Otherwise, you'll definitely see more couples and a older demographic. If they're close and like to be together it may work out just fine, but you won't find the "funship" activities as much. Movies Under The Stars is fun, though!
  4. My only complaint with Celebrity is that the evening fun ends way too early. If you're not at the martini bar, in the casino or in the dance club, there is absolutely nothing to do after the 2nd theater production. We find ourselves going back to our cabins because of nothing better to do. Our recent Princess cruise (multiple cruises on both lines) we found to have a lot more variety of evening entertainment, including a piano bar, movies under the stars, and more live musical entertainment. Additionally, the buffet on Regal Princess was the best we've encountered ever on any ship. JMHO
  5. Generally yes, luggage arrives before dinner; but not always. Many people use first dinner and last dinner as a “dress down” night, but most likely you will have your luggage before dinner.
  6. We bring lots of games with us. We take them out of the boxes and pack the instructions along with the game in a ziplock bag. We find special places on board the ship where we have a bar, are outside but in the shade, and have a good view. Especially nice if the weather is inclement. We really enjoy!
  7. I would graciously ask them to make your reservation now (pre-cruise) and accommodate your group of 9 by pushing two tables together. Be nice, but don't take no for an answer. They won't want to lose that 9 person upcharge. Get confirmation in writing from them. This is done all the time in dining establishments and you are paying a premium to dine there. It really shouldn't be a problem. That way, you won't have to worry about when you board. Since you have a larger group, I would confirm your reservation with them soon after you board. Enjoy!
  8. It takes 1 token for the washer and one token for the dryer. Each token is $3. Just washed this week on Regal Princess.
  9. Wow! Its wonderful to hear such GOOD news!!
  10. You need to speak to a reputable attorney. Even if you get an answer on here that doesn’t mean it’s accurate. You may have nothing at all to worry about, but go to an expert to get that question answered. Good luck.
  11. Hmmm..... unless something changed, I’m pretty sure the drink packages do not work on Princess Cays. I haven’t sailed Princess in some years, (about to sail Regal) but that’s the way it was. You have to buy what you want to drink on the island, unless there is an exception with the cabana rental. They also have iced tea, maybe fruit punch or lemonade with the picnic lunch. Tips are included when you buy anything from the bar. I wouldn’t begin to say whether your camera is safe. Although I do like to buy from the locals (cash) I rarely buy anything in the shops.
  12. WOW! Thank you so much! I was wondering, as we're sailing Regal on March 24. MUTS is a favorite activity for us!
  13. Mickey, I think it depends on the experience you ( or your husband) wants. If you go to the beach you’ll feel the wind and sand blowing, feel it pushing you and be up close. Out in the ocean it’s pretty great, too. The planes fly very low, are very loud and sometimes go directly overhead of your boat. It’s very awesome! However, I’ve not been ON the beach, just out in the ocean. If this is on your husband’s bucket list, I’d go to the beach.
  14. We have previously sailed with Golden Eagle. I phoned them and found out they have a contract with the cruise lines which prohibits them from booking directly with cruise passengers. You can only sail with them if you book through the cruise line or you book and they don't find out you are a cruise passenger. So, we looked into Eagle Tours. It gets great reviews, goes by Maho Beach (not stopping at the beach) but it hangs out around the area to see the planes, and yes, we have done that a couple times and it's exhilarating. The excursion also has a couple other stops including lunch. We are going to book this. I hope this helps!
  15. Golden Eagle is nice. Mira Bella is nice. We’ve done both and had a great time on both Mirabella has a little slide (very little, but fun) on it.
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