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  1. I LOVE seeing crews all over the place enjoying themselves. Great thought that it’s better for the cruise lines and the crew to have them stay on board. I hope they each have a great time relaxing!
  2. This thread puts tears in my eyes. Something really nice out of something so serious. How nice for the crew! I just love this story!
  3. in doing some research, that just may not be true. They think the first man who died from Grand Princess was on board in February
  4. Don’t lose hope, everyone. Maybe this week is what they need to reset and get clean and back on the sea! As far as I know (probably useless) there was no sick crew on our 3-1 sailing, so maybe you’ll be good to go. 😎
  5. Why Princess? Just disembarked Regal after we were not allowed to go into port due to two crew who needed to be tested for Coronavirus. Princess ALLOWED these crew to board our ship after transferring from Grand! That was just a bad bad decision. It’s not because it’s a mature demographic, as someone suggested. It’s not just bad luck, it’s not anything but a bad decision. Passengers would not have been allowed to board under the same circumstances.
  6. We were on Regal that disembarked yesterday 3-9. Indeed, they do move staff around. We were told, by the captain, that this is very common practice. They often do that to fill in for contracts that have ended and before another starts. Surely, this was a really bad decision to transfer crew from a ship with so many sick people on board. The captain said that the crew joined our ship without symptoms and were beyond the standard incubation time. The CDC thought otherwise. So so much of this chaos would have been avoided if they had used common sense. We, as passengers would not have been allow
  7. I make a major effort to keep my skin covered, wearing a long sleeve shirt and a wetsuit (mostly to keep me warm in the ocean) which covers the majority. I’m going to put reef-safe sunscreen on my neck and cover my head. That way, my skin is safe and so is the ocean. The less sun screen (even reef safe) that goes into the ocean, the better.
  8. We ALWAYS fly in at least one day early, and recommend to anyone else to do the same. DooDoo happens. It really does. It's not worth your resort sailing away without you.
  9. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts Karen
  10. Oh, yes! medallion. Regal Princess 2-29-20
  11. We have 250 free internet minutes each, my DH and I. After we use our 500 minutes, if we want to add on additional minutes what does it cost? We got a email today saying that they’re offering a unlimited package for $60 for the week. But, I’m not sure what it would cost if we add it on after our minutes are used up. My guess is $10 a day. Can anyone answer this? Thanks! Karen
  12. The one thing predictable about flu/other viruses, is that they are unpredictable. One may get mildly ill while another seriously ill.
  13. Am I AFRAID of Coronavirus? No. Am I CONCERNED about Coronavirus? Absolutely. I'm also concerned about influenza, Noro and anything else that can be spread when large numbers of people from all over the world gather. We will take the necessary precautions to do our best to stay uncontaminated. I had H1N1 influenza and I was scary sick. I lost of month of work and had pneumonia. I can certainly see why it kills vulnerable population. The flu is not a "cold." Patients become very ill very quickly with high fevers and respiratory compromise. I appreciate the public service announcement! Be min
  14. Thank you all for your ideas. May I just kindly reiterate that, for her, water is not all the same. I’m well aware of the water on board ships. I’ve cruised many many times. She has significant health issues and she lives with a lot of restrictions. Since she had never cruised before, I want to help her in any way I can to ensure she feels good on her vacation.
  15. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to discuss this on such a forum, especially because it involves someone else. She drinks mostly water and rarely anything else. She is restricted to water that has nothing added, including minerals. Thank you for everyone who responded. She’s going to have to carry on her water, unfortunately.
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