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  1. Thank you both for the insights. We’ve done both itineraries multiple times so the ports don’t impact our decisions as much as they might for some. Plus we live at the beach in Florida so we rarely get off at the ports that are solely beach related. I am concerned about the lack of kids stuff on both these ships, specifically as it relates to the teen. Our younger daughter is always happy simply playing with other kids in the kids club. Even though I really want a longer cruise (I never seem to fully relax into day 5) I’m wondering if we wouldn’t be better off settling for a 7 day with all the bells and whistles. I will ask the question on the RC page and the Princess page. Thanks!
  2. Please help us choose our next family cruise. Both ships leave 12/20 for 10 days in the Caribbean. We’ve done all of the ports many times, with the exception of Dominica on RC and Jamaica on Princess. We usually cruise NCL with the kids and just got off the Celebrity Edge (just the two of us) and loved it, but we really want a 10 day cruise so these are our two options. We’ve done Princess and RC once each but both were so long ago its hard to remember what we liked/disliked. Us- couple in their 50s, with two kids- 15 and 9. Thanks!
  3. Hi, It looks like the information was blocked or removed. Please repost if possible. I was really looking forward to seeing these.
  4. We love NCL but are looking to branch out. Although every ship says they have a spa what they really mean is they have spa treatments. We are spoiled by the thermal pool, heated loungers, sauna, steam room, etc. on NCL. If we want a similar experience on another line/ship, any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. We love the Thermal Spa Lounge on Norweigen but we are hoping to try other lines with spa lounges. It's difficult to research because all ships say they have a spa but most are just taking about treatment rooms. Can you share your recommendations for a quiet spa lounge, preferably with heated loungers, thermal pool and sauna? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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