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  1. 1 hour ago, mom says said:

    He obvioutly wasn't looking for this TA,  since it was just announced. But X didn't just pull this itinerary cancellation and redeployment out of their.....hat. The whole thing must have been in the works for weeks, if not months.  Keeping this cruise blank in the interim,  has avoided all the angry customers complaining about a cancelled cruise. And it's still far enough out that they should have no trouble filling it.

    I was looking for Barcelona to Venice.  Celebrity's website has not show it recently but many online TA sites are still showing it with prices.  Just kept getting errors when I tried to book so I called Celebrity several times and was told it most likely was for inventory control and try again in a few days.  Coincidently by the time I got fed up with no answer from Celebrity and posted here they announced the redeployment.

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