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  1. Longwood50, if you look at my post, I was QUOTING someone else. I will definitely cruise with Celebrity. I like their ships, service, in some cases their itinerary and being Elite (very close to Elite Plus) I like their perks. However, it may not be in 2020 or 2021. So I have asked for 100% refund for my April 5th cruise that Celebrity has cancelled. There is no rush as they have indicated that refunds will be posted within 30 days. Now I do have another Celebrity cruise on May 18th that hasn't been cancelled yet....but they can take their time to cancel that too...as I don't have flights
  2. Jim, Celebrity is only offering 100% cash refund or 125% FCC if they cancel the cruise. However, I know that Princess is offering 225% FFC or 100% cash refund and 50% FFC.
  3. Hmmmm...I don't like the last point 'Additional terms and conditions apply'. Have they pointed you to where the 'Additional terms and conditions' are located for reading?
  4. Thanks for posting this. It helps to know the terms and conditions of the FCC. Of course, I notice the 'catch all T&C' on the last line....Additional terms and conditions apply. Is there any other place they are posting these Additional terms?
  5. Did you book via a TA or directly with Celebrity? I ask only because on another post, a member mentioned that their port taxes and fees were sent to the TA who booked the cruise. They didn't know why. Maybe when you get the answer, can you post it here, please
  6. I was under the impression the form filled out by your doctor was only mandatory for passengers 70 yrs and older and only until this COVID-19 issue settles down (Celebrity is anticipating July 31 unless they extend it).
  7. I'm now Elite on both Princess and on Celebrity and shareholder on both....I know, I know, my stocks in them have taken a beating, but I bought these stocks in 2011 when prices were low (and the Cdn$ to US$ was good) but not as low as they are now. That is why I want to get the Shareholder's OBC as much as possible. And since my Celebrity cruise was booked prior to June 1, 2019, they declined my request for the Shareholder's OBC. Taking the 100% refund now will allow me to pick and choose the right time, ship, price, perks and qualify for the Shareholder's OBC as the booking date will be after
  8. On my Princess cruise that was cancelled, I was offered 100% cash refund or 175% FCC. I chose in that case to go with 175% FCC on the basis that I should be able to get a cruise on one of their new ships at much lower prices sometime in 2021.
  9. I was told that the extra FCC can be used on another sailing and will not be converted to OBC. So in other words if your current FCC from the cancelled cruise is $4,500 and a cruise you are applying this FCC is $3,500. The difference of $1,000 stays as an FCC and can be used towards another cruise.
  10. I thought Celebrity's management during this crisis was very good. I had a cruise booked with another cruise line sailing on March 16th and got notification they were cancelling my cruise only on March 12th. My cruise with Celebrity would have been April 5th and I received an email from them on March 13th with options I had available since they cancelled the cruise. That's 3 weeks notice v/s the other cruise line which gave 4 days. However saying that, I have requested to take the 100% cash refund. Not sure if this will work, but this April 5th booking (which was cancelled) was made in Ma
  11. I would definitely take the 100% cash refund. If they were offering a 50% cruise credit, I may have changed my mind, but not for just 25%. I am sure I will have a lot more choices with the 100% cash in my pocket.
  12. Where would I find information like your screen print? I would love to be in a 'group' booking for my cruises, but never seem to get one. I do my own research as to which ship, what itinerary, what cabin and then call my TA but I never seem to get any additional OBC, or lower 'group' price....they always seem to have some excuse. And I don't care for any perks like WIFi, gratuities, drink package, etc. OBC and lower price for my cabin is all I am looking for.
  13. Can't wait to board the Silhouette in April. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  14. Thanks for letting me that they could take over a week to reply. I'll just give them till end of next week before I start calling them.
  15. Just sent in a request for $100US OBC for my 12 day cruise in April and 10 day cruise in May 2020. Fingers crossed hoping the request is approved and soon. Does Celebrity/RCCL send an email confirming approval or do I have to keep checking on my cruises to see if the OBC shows on there? The last time I cruised Celebrity was April 2019 and just remember it being frustrating, especially when I compare it with the process for Princess cruises.
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