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  1. Two lessons learned from the NCL refund fiasco: 1. Only charge with the American Express Card (the only card that promptly issued chargebacks), and 2. Never sail on NCL again.
  2. Yes, but others like AMEX Platinum have credited their customers' accounts and charged the cruises back to NCL and the other companies. There are lessons to be learned by everyone's actions. I now carry the AMEX Platinum Card and will never sail with NCL again.
  3. Such nonsense from the NCL pumpers on this board. This IS a total scam by NCL and everyone knows it. If you are expecting a full refund, today you will receive a refund of port charges and pre-paid gratuities only. Later in June, when they are good and ready, NCL may refund the remainder of the cruise you paid for and which they cancelled. NCL will never ever see my money again.
  4. Today, NCL started refunding ONLY port charges and pre-paid gratuities. WHAT A JOKE. They are supposedly waiting until later in June to start cruise refunds. NCL is such a joke and not a funny one at that. NCL hopes us customer dummies will appreciate this ridiculous refund. To me, it shows how mismanaged this company is. Hopefully, most of us have requested credit card refunds that will eventually be honored. Remember all this when thinking about giving NCL any money on a future cruise. NCL will never see my money again.
  5. Motley Fool just issued this article: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/05/17/will-cruise-stocks-ever-be-profitable-again.aspx Bottom line, NCL's recovery will depend on how long Covid-19 sticks around. I would not bet on a quick recovery.
  6. NCL has no intention of refunding the monies that owed to us. That is why we have been forced to demand chargebacks from the credit card companies. NCLH stock was down to the 9 dollar range this week and will go lower as sailings do not resume until 2021 or when a vaccine is developed. The CDC will not allow huge contaminations to resurface on cruise ships. Been there, done that. They have seen how recklessly the cruise lines behaved during the Covid-19 outbreak and they will not let it happen again. The only way we will get our refunds is by forcing the credit card
  7. The cruise lines are the ones who have caused the negative posts by the way they have mishandles the refunds that are owed to customers. If the cruise lines had refunded our money, we would be talking about where we are going on our next cruise. Instead, we are more convinced than ever that we are not giving these thief cruise lines our money again.
  8. Agree. Carnival and HAL are totally mismanaged. So is NCL. Disney and RCCL are the best managed in the bunch.
  9. Most of us will vote with our feet, which are never stepping on another NCL cruise again..
  10. After seeing that HAL is also mismanaging refunds like NCL, I won't cruise with NCL or HAL again. I would also try Virgin, which has always had good customer service.
  11. Disgusting that HAL is doing this. I am a Four Star Mariner (45 points away from 5 Stars) and I am not booking with HAL for a long time after learning of this. I am in the same situation as all of you are with NCL, which canceled my March cruise and have not yet refunded our monies. It's not the social distancing that will keep passengers away from causing. It's the way customers have been treated by the cruise line with cancelation refunds that will keep many passengers away from cruising for a long time. Frankly, based on their
  12. Sad to hear that HAL is behaving just like NCL when it comes to mismanaging refunds that are due to customers for cruises they canceled. Had to file a credit card dispute as that is the only way to get our refund. Based on what everyone is saying here I will not ticket a New Year's cruise on HAL for 2021. We had been sailing on HAL for New Year's the past six years but no more. HAL, like NCL, you reap what you sow.
  13. DelRio is the worst thing that ever happened to NCL. He wasn't supposed to get the job after NCL's Oceania acquisition but former CEO Kevin Sheehan had a problem (I know what it was) that caused him to step down. The Oceania people then took over NCL. NCL's customer disservice has to be the worst in the industry. NCL has lost a lot of formerly loyal customers as a result of the 90-day refund debacle they have instituted. I will never cruise on NCL again and they can keep my platinum level status. Bye, bye, NCL. I will not miss you.
  14. I think AMEX is the best cc in the market today. I switched out of my Citi Executive Card to Amex Platinum for this very reason. Citi has mishandled my NCL refund, only granting a conditional credit for the past 2 months while they are "investigating." The only way to get the refund NCL owes us is to dispute the cruise charge for goods not delivered and services not rendered. NCL will never get my business again.
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