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  1. I honestly think a "Chair Boss" position would be great. Reasonable rules, posted clearly, and enforced politely but uniformly.
  2. Very good point. (Though I didn't ask for advice on what what I should spend, I asked for opinions on how to fairly divide up what I do spend. But I still get your point) Another good point, as maybe on this cruise I won't decide to tip any extra at all. (Though it's clear in my original post that I was asking for advice assuming that I would, you're of course right in that maybe it will turn out that I won't) I think this is kind of what I was trying to get at. Stewards and waiters it is then.
  3. True. But we will, as we always have, tip extra. My question is how should we divide the extra (optional, I know) tips among the crew?
  4. I'm curious about extra tipping suggestions. Specifically, Im wondering about how to divide extra (in addition to the required gratuities) tips among the staff for our upcoming cruise. Let's leave the bartenders out (for the sake of simplicity) as we will tip an extra dollar (usually) per drink throughout the cruise. We will also tip our specialty restaurant staff separately, so let's exclude them too. It will obviously be easiest to tip our room steward, as we will likely see him fairly regularly. But, doesn't that leave out all the others? Let's assume we will tip an extra $140 per cabin on the upcoming cruise. How do you think it is most fair (I don't think fairest applies here) to allocate it?
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