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  1. What is Celebrity currently giving you to book onboarding? Can you get an open reservation for an upcoming cruise?
  2. Going on Summit in a few weeks. Normally we self disembark. We are amongst the first off. This time my son will be picking us up, but won't be able to get there until about 9 to 9:30. What is the latest we would be able to stay on the ship?
  3. Interesting, Summit left the pier in Bayonne and went north in the harbor. Then after it went pass the Freedom Tower it stopped and turned around.
  4. So, has anyone been on Summit recently that brought water onboarding either with luggage or carrying? And if so, how much did you bring on?
  5. Trinity has the same rate for the Ramada Plaza in Newark and Holiday Inn Carteret. Which would you prefer?
  6. I would like to hear about different parking options for cruise out of Bayonne. Seeing if there is a reliable and reasonably priced option for the 14 night cruise.
  7. Taking a cruise out of Bayonne in a few weeks on Summit. In the past, I would put a luggage tag on the case of water and check it with my luggage. Now I understand they don't do this any longer, I must carry it on. What is the current procedure?
  8. Ahhhhhh, I learned something tonight. Thanks for the education.
  9. Can you please explain the above statement. I was under the impression that uber or Lyft is booked electronically. Don't they always know the specific trip? I'm not experienced with these services so please forgive my question. I am planning on using one of these services when I get off the ship and then want to go to Jersey City or Newark. Thanks
  10. We live in South Jersey and are thinking of taking the train from Hamilton to one of the Newark train stops. What is the best station (Newark Airport or Penn Station) to get off the train with regard to handling luggage and then getting a cab or Uber? What is the cab/Uber fare to the cruise terminal in Bayonne?
  11. Thanks for clarifying. With their cutbacks I wouldn't be surprised if they cut them. Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks. Marshall
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