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  1. Thank you and everyone else for responding. But, as was mentioned, who knows what will be post-covid.
  2. Do these rules regarding to water/soda apply to boarding in Europe, like Southampton and Civitavechia?
  3. If the cruise is canceled and you get the 125% onboard credit for the cruise, what do they do about the flight through Choice air? Do you get all your money reunded or is it also OBC?
  4. The site is showing $9.95 per day. (25% discount) = 12 days being $114.
  5. MAYBE going on 12 nite TA in November. We are D+ so we get free time. If i want to purchase a voom package for one device is it better to buy onboard or buy now at a discounted price? What do they deduct being D+? Can i get the D+ discount prior to boarding? Thank you
  6. If a cruise is canceled or i cancel it how are refunds dor dining or beverages made? Are they giving cash back to the credit card or credit?
  7. I agree with calling them, but quite often the person on the other end of the phone is guessing when you ask specific questions. IE; can I select the specific seats.
  8. When I look on the ChoiceAir site I find that the airlines are listed but it then says operated by a different airline. Example: Its listed as a Delta Flight but then it says it is operated by Air France. Are there any potential problems in this with selecting seats, cancellations, etc? Is it better to book with an airline that also says "operated by"?
  9. That is a horrible situation. So how does one protect themselves from it happening to them? What was the fare called? Thanks for the headsup.
  10. This thread had excellent information, thank you to all the knowledgable people.
  11. So if I understand you, you can't select upgraded seats unless they are paid in full?
  12. When there is a change by the airline, do they refund your preferred seat charge?
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