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  1. Now that Royal is using Ravenna in place of Venice how much on time are they? My cruise next year on Brilliance is set to arrive at 6:45 on Sunday. My flight from Bologna is at 11:40, if I have a taxi take me onvthe hour ride, should i make it? I'm also D+ so I should be able to get off fast.
  2. When do the future cruise credits have to be used by? Is it the end of 2022?
  3. Has anyone used a company that provides transportation from ravenna cruise port to Bologna airport?
  4. I remember them being something like The London Tea Company. But this was pre covid.
  5. On the D+ first and second night borgo offer can you use it for Isumi?
  6. Great information. One question, where we masks mandatory and where didnt you need it?
  7. Can you use the D+ 5 drink coupons for fresh squeezed orange juice or coffee drinks?
  8. I got an unlimited dining package in the past and there was no additional amount for tips. I booked it again for a cruise next fall and there was a separate line item for. Tips. First of all, tips for meals should be included in my daily tip charge. Also I would tip at each meal. What's up?
  9. We had a cruise on Odyssey canceled and received no notification from RC or ta. I found out from a friend about a week later that the cruise was canceled.
  10. Thanks for your good response. I'm also asking about just getting access to mobile data like im in the US in a park. I switch on mobile data instead of the wifi from my house.
  11. Going on a Caribbean cruise and wanted to know if you can get the internet, phone or text strength when you are in port on the ship via mobile data? Or are there wifi hotpots just off the ship? Thanks
  12. What is the current policy for heating pads?
  13. Are you able to get a bottle of water as one of your drinks? Do they remove the caps?
  14. I think a lot of the people who responded to this question didnt read it. All the person asked was if they can bring it or not. They didn't want your thoughts about drinking bottled water or comments pertaining to the financial aspects.
  15. Can someone please explain how Izumi works. When we go to Chops we pay a flat fee for a full meal. If I want two appetizers I can get it. But, looking at videos or reading about Izumi I am more confused with what seems conflicting information. The $35 that is charged when making a reservation on the RC site is a price fixed price? Or, do you pay alacarte and the items are deducted from the $35? If you order more than the $35 are you then given a check for the excess food? Thanks
  16. I have the final payment due in a few days for a November cruise. We are concerned that the rise of covid cases will make onboard life, not a relaxing atmosphere. What is the Royal Caribbean policy for canceling? Fyi, we have non-refundable fares. Will we be penalized?
  17. What is the current policy for canceling? I have a final payment due in a week for a November cruise. I dont think I want to be on a cruise and wear masks or have other limitations. I am fully vaccinated but with the delta variant it is raising concerns. They are non-refundable rates. What are my options as far as getting my money back? Future cruise credits (how long out are they giving you to book)? And will I be penalized in that it is a non-refundable rate?
  18. With the vouchers having a $13 limit, can you get a drink for $15 and be charged the balance?
  19. There is no way that I will go on a cruise if I have to wear a mask. If people choose not to be vaccinated that's fine, but I am not going to be inconvenienced because of that.
  20. If you buy a 3 nite, 5 nite or unlimited package do I chose what restaurants I go to? Can I go to Chops every night?
  21. Hello, when I look at the interior cabins the description says they range in size from 141 to 225 ft. Which are the larger cabins? Thank you
  22. When taking the train from Gatwick to Southampton is there a problem finding seats and getting luggage stored? We will be traveling in October on a Tuesday at approximately 2pm. I didn't know if the train fills up in London.
  23. Thanks for the good information. There is a 12:10 flight that we were unsure of.
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