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  1. Laughing at myself! Got a Holiday card from Princess. In it you can return a post card to a ship or crew person you want to recognize. I sent mine back to Jan Swartz telling her happy holidays and that I want my dinner times back. I know it won't do anything since they only listen to the few but I had fun doing it! Merry Christmas
  2. Just got an update that dinner was changed to 5 pm on our next cruise in March die to the high demand. Again the minority speak for the majority! I’d do anytime but they don’t have a very good system in place.
  3. If I use your math that’s 3% of the folks on the ship dictating what the rest of us want. Just open Anytime dinning and let them in. Why does the minority always control the majority? Oh, Princess doesn’t care about us!
  4. Who wants dinner in the middle of the afternoon. We were on the Royal, they sent notice of the change to 4:30 pm. I called and was told it was customer demand that caused the change. I'm a retiree yet I don't need an early bird special!! So we changed to 7:15 pm. What a nice surprise that our dinner time was 7:45 pm and that we couldn't change to 5:30 pm because it was full. Felt we had been lied to by Princess. Don't know when to book dinner on any future cruise so am putting 5 pm and if it is they can enjoy the empty table! I don't understand the logic of this or what they are trying to accomplish unless its that they are over booking cruises and want us regular customers to try other cruise lines?
  5. zigpar

    Miami hotels

    Miami Lakes Inn, enjoyable, take an Uber to port Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I lock my phone up as we leave port and don’t see it until we are getting off the ship. I feel my phone needs a vacation as bad as I do! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Clearwater Beach 30 minutes away. #1 US beach, it’s wonderful! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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