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  1. 2 hours ago, Cruzinram said:

    When is Cunard going to announce the status of sailings after April 11?  It is only days away. RCL has already extended their Global Suspension.


    2 hours ago, alc13 said:

    The new US relief legislation will not bail out cruise lines - "The bill passed by Congress says companies getting loans or loan guarantees must be “organized” in the U.S. under American laws and have a majority of their employees based in the U.S." 


    They can still try to borrow, of course.  The CEO of Carnival allowed as much, although maybe he was putting a good face on the emerging bill.

    As i understand it Carnival as a group has access to a 3 billion dollar credit facility

  2. Captain Philpott is currently on board QM2 so it is likely that Captain Wells will have returned by July


    Look for the blue ensign flying...and chances are it will be Captain Wells.....an ex Royal Navy Captain

  3. The 2019 voyages are now back on the Cunard site,click the register an interest button and a voyage specialist will contact you...We registered an interest in a Fjiords voyage on Queen Mary2 and recieved a phone call within 2 hours,price sorted paid a deposit chose a choice of staterooms,and on the 14th,our voyage specialist will ring us and inform us of our exact stateroom

  4. We always stay at the Holiday inn,Herbert Walker Avenue.We find it excellent and easy to get taxis,just ask at reception and job done......Also close to some nice new reataurants just opened in the lower section of the West Quay shopping centre...

  5. We recently returned from the round trip August voyage and found Kings Court much improved with more tables and chairs and a much larger selection of food.An interesting point from our Maitre d n the Brittania restaurant,chatting to him one night,he asked if we come to lunch in the Brittania restaurant.We informed him we do but not everyday.He said since Kings Court has been upgraded,people using Brittania restaurant for lunch has dropped off quite a lot...Interesting point we thought

  6. It could have been a day when several of the ships crew were at training meetings etc....Recently we got an apology from our state room steward ...saying he was sorry he couldn't greet us earlier as several had to attend various safety meeting etc

  7. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and suggestions. While dancing is just one of the fun things we plan to try on this cruise, I am taking all of the advice I have received. I will either purchase inexpensive dance shoes or at least low, sturdy ones, and I will encourage my cruise-mates to "follow my lead" (pun intended). I will make sure my gowns are off the floor so as to not get in my way. We will attend the dance classes to make ourselves known. We will have a quick wash and brush up before heading out to the Queens Room. And we will have fun on the dance floor.


    I must say that the responses I received were both helpful and comforting. It is a testament to the encouragement and support often offered on this site. So good to know that other cruisers want everyone to have a good time. I hope to meet some of you onboard someday.


    Thank you all.



    After you've finished dancing in the Queens Room,which i know you will enjoy,don't forget to round your evening off with a visit to the night club G32..

  8. Just a thought....It's impossible for Cunard to please everyone,even with 3 ships doing world voyages or almost world voyages for 4 months of the year every year....What about one ship based in Southampton and doing shorter voyages.I know on all the world voyages you can hop off, fly etc etc...It would give the people a chance who for 4 months of the year have to wait for a Cunard ship to return to Southampton....i appreciate a favourite ship not doing a world voyage for some people would be dissapointing....your thoughts?

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