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  1. We’ve done 20 DCL cruises. My dh and son just cruised on Harmony and said it blows DCL away in every category. They don’t want to go back to DCL. Now I’m wondering Why I waste so much money on the mouse. Looking forward to trying royal myself.
  2. I understand how to use DCL's internet. The fact that you have to turn off everything on phone to save mbs make it not effective. I'd rather just pay the 10 to 15 dollars a day other cruiselines charge and not worry about it.
  3. As far as internet go it's awful. I'd rather pay a flat fee and get unlimited wifi. Make sure you turn off all apps, downlowds, email etc or it will use up your mb's. Also don't forget to log out. In addition to that if your in a place like Alaska where internet is spotty you may blow through your mb's just looking for a signal.
  4. Why do you think you would miss Castaway in Sept? Honestly the Winter months is when Castaway is most ofter missed due to high winds and winter storm fronts. It's funny how people think hurricane season is the only time you get storms. Ships avoid hurricanes. Winter storms they tend to just barrel through. Hurricanes are rarer then the Winter storms that move across the Atlantic.
  5. I've cruised on DCL 20 times. I would say no. You would think someone that cruised DCL that much would say yes. Honestly I rarely pay full price to cruise on Disney. I don't think it's worth the premium.
  6. No I didn't find it monotonous. They had a variety of shows, but if you've cruised DCL before many of them are the same. The food meh. I'm not a fan of DCL food so I'm probably not the best person to ask. To be fair we had perfect weather and smooth seas. If the opposite had occurred I may have a different opinion of TA cruises. I am planning another one next year, but we'll be going the opposite direction.
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