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  1. And what if doesn't have "...a more desirable option..." but desperately needs the money to feed his/her family?
  2. This is what the statement says: CARNIVAL CRUISE TKT/RES MIAMI FL so I assume it was billed by Carnival direct. Thanks for your help.
  3. Questions: (1) Does Carnival refund direct to the customer or does it go through the travel agent in which the cruise was booked and; (2) If Carnival does not provide the refund after 90 days, is there still recourse with the credit card company to obtain the refund?
  4. Boy you hit this right on the head. The fact that a lot of posters, that apparently are cruisers, are bashing the cruise industry now smacks of hypocrisy.
  5. That's what they are so the term "bailout" is misleading.
  6. I think the real bargains will be seen when the cruise industry restarts. They will have to fill cabins on short notice that have been depleted by few advance bookings. Just my opinion.
  7. The term "bailout" has assumed a derogatory connotation in my view. Most, if not all, the companies that received "bailouts" in the form of low or no interest loans during the 2008-09 financial crisis repaid those loans.
  8. Yes. Ingalls Shipbuilding in Mississipi.
  9. Interesting. I thought ships are foreign flagged to avoid U.S. taxes and occupations laws.
  10. Cruise lines are probably not going to reduce fares until final payment for that particular cruise is due. Then, if they receive many cancellations, its a pretty good bet prices will drop so they can fill their ships.
  11. So you're giving a 19% tip on the total bill - I think that's pretty generous. I assume that's just an example and you adjust your tip depending on the service received. In Miami, probably half the restaurants automatically place an 18% tip on your bill. The problem is that when you receive your credit card check some restaurants don't indicate "additional tip" or "tip" included so the unwary may place an additional 15%-20% on top of that. This has gotten to be somewhat of a scam particularly affecting out of town and foreign visitors.
  12. I'm with you on not understanding why there appears to be such a keen interest in the crew's compensation. Do folks ask a restaurant proprietor if the waiters keep all their tips or have to share it with bus boys or chefs or any other questions regarding their compensation?
  13. What are "loyalty credits"? I always received the same mariner status discount for my guests until my most recent cruise in January on Zuiderdam. Pinnacle Grill would not honor my 4 star discount for my guests and I had to pay full price for them.
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