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  1. There are fences of various types and sizes. Maybe "fence" is the wrong word. In some places the barrier is only about 15" high and one can easily walk over them to reach a ledge. Your idea with the wife is too incriminating; better to pose her on the ledge and then direct her to keep walking backward while you snap a photo.
  2. Just got back from the Grand Canyon. Was amazed how many people walk over the boundary fence to walk along the edge to take selfies or whatever in spite of frequent reports of people falling to their deaths. There are no attempts by park rangers to stop this practice. Probably would have to hire a lot more rangers to enforce the fence boundary. Personally, I would not like to see my tax dollars used to protect people who take little responsibility for their own personal safety. Ditto for cruise ships,
  3. Thanks for the info. Just ordered mine for January Zuiderdam cruise.
  4. Anyone know if Zuiderdam casino has a craps table.
  5. Can a 4 star mariner pick up the tab for another couple who isn't and save 50% off the entire tab?
  6. Excellent advice. I recently added 25 shares to my position when the stock fell below $41. From an investment standpoint, CCL stock is probably never going to make you rich but sitting on a 4.5%+ dividend and the possibility of a capital gain is an appealing proposition in my opinion. If you cruise HAL with any frequency, the stock OBC provides leverage against downward movements in the stock.
  7. Interesting thought. How many different production shows do they perform on a 100+ day cruise?
  8. If this was a Caribbean or Mexico cruise, I would tend to agree with you. OP's children are 21+ and I'm sure they would be more attracted to the interesting ports this itinerary provides than entertainment that may be offered by other lines. Also, a 14 day European cruise does not attract the demographics of their age group on any line.
  9. Thank you. Again, CNN seems to focus on the upscale lines although it does include Costa, Princess and MSC. Don't understand why HAL is not included as, in my opinion, it provides a better option than the latter three.
  10. I have not sailed on Nieuw Statendam yet; Nieuw Amsterdam 2 or 3 times and thought it was a great ship. I did a 18 day Southeast Asia cruise on NCL Star about 3 years ago. In my review of the Star, I likened it to the Staten Island ferry. I realize that cruise line comparisons are very subjective but in terms of food quality, shipboard amenities and design and service, my experience is that Nieuw Amsterdam is vastly superior to the Star and I'd expect the same would hold true for Nieuw Statendam.
  11. Can't locate the article to which you are referring. There is a 2015 CNN piece that omits HAL and seems to focus the luxury cruise lines,
  12. If you are talking about the Aug 2, 2020 Nieuw Statendam cruise, I see it sailing out of Amsterdam to UK and Iceland. Like most European cruises, this cruise is port intensive with only 3 sea days. In my opinion and because you will be in port most of the time, cabin type is less important. Unless money is no object, I wouldn't splurge on any cabin category above veranda.
  13. "Dead horses" be damned. I find these controversial threads far more interesting and informative than "What activities are available on Grand Turk" or "Where is the nearest liquor store from Port Everglades". In this thread alone, I learned that Canadians are more law abiding than other nationalities, that some airlines offer PJ's to 1st class passengers and some HAL guests enjoy sipping their martinis in the Explorer's Bar dressed in bathrobes.
  14. Billythekid and Cruisemom: Both of you have laid out sensible and intelligent arguments for your points of view. While I don't take sides on this issue, I appreciate your cordial and intellectual discussion of an interesting topic.
  15. Agree. Whiles perks are not a deciding factor in choosing my cruises, If I had to pick which line has the best perks for a 4 or 5 star equivalent I would select RCCL for the following reasons: (1) Recognition of loyalty status across all lines (RCCL, X and Azamara); (2) four days of free internet (2 24 hour periods pp) and (3) free drinks during happy hour from about 5-8 daily.
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