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  1. Think you have answered your own questions lol! No elevator at the Alhambra and a lot of walking/climbing involved on guided walks. If you stay in Malaga there is however an elevator up to the Alcazaba which is a smaller version of the Alhambra (without the crowds!).
  2. Would certainly recommend that you pay to pre-book. We love cabin 2052 on deck 2 - midships (most stable area), very quiet, close to lifts, water station and most frequently used gangway. Booked it again for when we sail in November but sadly since then my husband has started to need a wheelchair so we have had to swap to a disabled access cabin.
  3. It was 26 euro earlier this year. There are many minibuses waiting right outside the cruise terminal; they take 8 people and set off as soon as they are full.
  4. Most shops will be closed but museums, restaurants etc. will be open.
  5. 2-3 hours is definitely not long enough to explore the Alhambra properly. If it is the only opportunity you will ever get to go there it is worth a very tiring day but, as I think you are based in Mallorca and therefore assume you can get to mainland Spain, I would save it for a longer more detailed trip and not have the traffic delay worries. Have a wonderful cruise.
  6. Hi Roger If it is a ships excursion the ship should wait until your coach returns in the event of any delay (assuming that your cruiseline operates the same way as the one we use) - obviously they won't wait if you have booked the excursion with another tour company. However, that sounds a very rushed schedule allowing for the fact you have a minimum of 4 hours travelling time (2 hours each way). 2-5 hours seems very vague - or do you mean 2.5 hours in which case, although the Alhambra is lovely, I would want far more time there. Personally I would save the Alhambra for another visit and spend your time in Malaga instead - there is so much to see and the Alcazaba is like a mini Alhambra (without the crowds!!!) and well worth a visit.
  7. All the usual coffees are available in any bar even if not on the premium package (latte, cappuccino, espresso etc.). You also get Irish Coffee. You pay if you want to have drinks in the Coffee Port. With the premium package you also get all Lavazza coffees in the Coffee Port plus, in all bars, extra alcoholic coffees e.g. Highland (with Chivas Regal), Royale (with Martell VS) and Italiana (with Sambucca)
  8. If you upgrade to the Premium Drinks package you can now get 'free' Lavazza coffees in the Coffee Port from 7 a.m. onwards.
  9. It will be tux for my husband and long dress for me on D2 in November.
  10. We have docked in Toulon many times on varying ships (including several times on Dream) - all have docked right in the centre of town just 5 minutes walk from the excellent market.
  11. It is certainly doable but would definitely recommend that you pre-book tickets well in advance to guarantee places on trains that suit your timetable http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/ ; trains from Cadiz go in to the Sevilla Santa Justa station which is in the north east of the city and a good 20 minutes walk into the old city centre so worth taking a cab from the station to save some time. However, its a great shame to miss Cadiz and Malaga - both fascinating cities without the crowds of Seville and Cordoba. Cordoba is a long drive from Malaga.
  12. We tip for good service; would certainly never do so at the start of a cruise in anticipation of getting better service. We have on all but one cruise left a tip for our cabin stewards (the one exception was when we didn't see them for 12 days until they knocked on the last day and we had had some cleaning issues). If we have the same waiters several nights we give them a little something too. We always leave a donation at reception for the Crew Welfare Fund as a 'thank you' to all the crew members we never see but who make our cruises so special; we take bags of sweets and block of chocolate to give out during the cruise. We have never found the crew expect a tip but they are always very grateful when we give one.
  13. It is freedom dining - go any time whilst the restaurants are open. In the 2 waiter service restaurants (47 and Gallery 47) if there isn't a table free when you first arrive at the dining rooms you will be given a buzzer to summon you as soon as one is available - we never waited more than 10 minutes. If you are prepared to share a table with other people you generally don't wait at all but we prefer a table just for 2. The only places you have to book in advance are the payable speciality restaurants Surf and Turf, Kora La and Hot Stones; if you want to eat there you will need to book as soon as you board as places are limited and fill fast - there are touch screens by destination services on deck 5 where you can do this.
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