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  1. Unfortunately not - as first time Viking Cruisers I am disappointed, but hoping they will start sending them for our future cruise(s).
  2. i don't use FLICKR - how do find your album? We are arriving in Iceland on Tuesday.
  3. Great statement! We are on Icelandair from Seattle arriving 6:15 am the 20th. See you onboard!
  4. Thank you, Clay. These are perfect. Enjoy your cruise. We are on countdown 9 days to go. Carolyn
  5. Clay, thank you for all of the tips you have passed along. We are Viking first timers and will be arriving on July 20th. i have learned a lot from all of you and are counting down the days. If you have a chance would you take a picture of the ship at the Skarfabakki dock. I am making a scrapbook for my granddaughter to leave behind telling her where and what we will be doing each day.
  6. I have a question for someone on board now. What kind of snacks are in the cabin mini-bar? Are there any some what healthy snacks? I normally bring protein bars with us to take on excursions from home. Thank you for everyone's tips. We are first time Viking Cruises and are really looking forward to our July 20th cruise.
  7. I do too. The pictures look beautiful. We will be celebrating our anniversary and I splurged on a lagoon view room and dinner package.
  8. I am also hoping for a sunny day on July 27th as we are staying overnight at the Silica Hotel next to the Blue Lagoon.
  9. Thank you for the response. Will rethink what to wear on the plane.
  10. Are you flying Icelandair? If so how was the temperature on the plane during the flight? We are flying from Seattle on July 19th and am wondering if we can wear some fleece lined pants so we’ll be warm enough when we land at 6:15 am. Thanks, Carolyn
  11. I didn't see how to pre-order. How did you find it? Thanks, Carolyn
  12. I did an On Line Chat last night with Icelandair and was told that you only need to pre-order if you have diet restrictions or needs.
  13. We are on the July 20th. Comfort Check-In is gone.
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