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  1. We are doing the August 29th Toronto to Chicago cruise on the Victory I. Will post when we return. Carolyn & Dick Sacramento, CA
  2. Has anyone done the Great Lakes Cruise on the Victory I this summer? My husband and I are booked for the Aug 29, 2019 from Toronto to Chicago. Really looking forward to the small size of the Victory I and the excursions included with the cruise. This will be our first cruise on such a small ship Thank you for any tips and suggestions as I begin to organize prior to packing. Carolyn Sacramento, CA
  3. Thank so very much. I will keep reading and will follow along with the current cruise. We have a TA that we have used for a number of years so I will check in with her. Also, thank you for the heads up on reading the fine print. Carolyn
  4. My husband and I are looking for a cruise to Iceland. I saw a notice for an "EXPLORERS' SALE" that is going on until June 30th. We have many cruises on other lines but have not tried any on Viking yet. For those of you who cruise with Viking is the Explorer's Sale a good offer or should I start watching for other sales. We really like the small ships (1000 passengers or less) so we are looking at lines with smaller ships. We are looking to cruise Iceland in July of 2021. The cruise I have looked at so far is the Iceland's Majestic Landscape on July 17, 2021 Reykjavík to Bergen. We have been to some of the Norway ports so the highlights will be Iceland. Has anyone done this cruise and can give me some tips? Thank you for the input. Carolyn Sacramento, CA
  5. I was really disappointed to to read your statement "Got our tiles but believe it or not - it’s the one that features the Veendam and Volendam & not the Prinsendam.??? Not a Stephen Card one either." The Prinsendam was a favorite ship for my Dad (he passed in 2004). He took our family on a Christmas cruise in 1998 and we have been cruising every since. We are joining the ship in Dover and I was looking forward to getting the Prinsendam tiles. Carolyn
  6. We too are getting excited. We are flying to London on May 4th (arriving May 5th) and joining the beautiful Prinsendam for our first and last cruise on her. Can't wait and do hope that HAL replaces the Prinsendam with another smaller ship. See all of you onboard! Carolyn and Dick Sacramento, CA
  7. Will you please share your information about the tour. We will be disembarking the Prinsendam on May 20, 2019 and are going to spend one night in a hotel. I really want to take a tour of the windmills this time as we missed our port of Amsterdam due to storms last September. Thank you for the information.
  8. Thank you for posting the video. We are boarding her in Dover on Sept 10th. Even more excited now for our first small ship cruise adventure. Carolyn
  9. We need some advice. We are arriving at CDG on Sept 4th at 9:30 am via American Airlines. We just received our private tour documents and our pick up/transfer to our hotel is for 10:00 am with a note that the driver will only wait 1 hr. Is this doable? Will we have to go through any Passport Check process? Also we are wondering how long luggage usually takes to start coming off the plane. Thank you for any past experiences at CDG and any words of wisdom. We are concerned as it took us several hours to go through Heathrow a few years ago. Carolyn Sacramento, CA
  10. My birthday is Aug 1st. I called Princess and the representative put me on hold for a couple of minutes while she checked her "Promotions List". No Birthday OBC on her list. I am in California.
  11. Thank you to all of you who have commented and appreciate the love shown for the Pacific . We will be in OS #7114 and are very much looking forward to the wrap around balcony, suite breakfasts and the Club Class Dining. We selected this Baltic Cruise because of the Pacific Princess. We prefer the smaller ships and felt that the Pacific would be a fantastic ship to do the Baltic. We will be sure to look for Oscar in the Dining Room when we board to sign up for the Chef''s Table. I am probably going to reserve our UBD for the evening we are docked overnight in Stockholm as I have been looking at the average temperatures for mid September and see that they are in the 50s. I think we would have a better chance of being able to have dinner on our balcony if we are docked. We have booked our 2 day St Petersburg tours with Alla Tours and are trying to arrange some private tours with them in some of our other ports with our Roll Call group. We much prefer the small private group tours over ship tours. Happy Cruising to all of you, Carolyn & Dick Sacramento, CA
  12. Thank you, I thought that the sea days might be the formal nights. Did the Pacific Princess have the Chef's Table Dinner? I haven't seen it on My Personalizer so am not sure that it is held on the Pacific. The other evening I am considering for the UBD is the evening we are docked overnight in Stockholm. What is the port area like? I think that we are scheduled to be docked at the Frihamnen Dock. Carolyn
  13. We love the suite breakfasts. We are boarding the Pacific on September 10, 2018 in Dover. When are you boarding? Love the suite life. Carolyn Sacramento
  14. We are boarding the Pacific Princess on September 10, 2018 and have a suite booked also. We always enjoy the suite breakfasts, a very pleasant way to start the day. When do you board? Carolyn
  15. We are cruising to the Baltics on the Pacific Princess - September 10, 2018. We have splurged on a suite for our first time on such a small ship and I would like to pre-order an Ultimate Balcony Dinner for us to enjoy one evening. Does anyone have past experience with which nights were Formal Nights (3 formal 11 smart casual). We like to dress up and go to the Dining Room on Formal Nights. Sept 10 - Dover - embarkation Sept 11 - Sea Day Sept 12 - Copenhagen - 10:00 am - 11:00 pm Sept 13 - At Sea Sept 14 - Riga - 7:00 am -3:00 pm Sept 15 - Tallinn - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Sept 16 - St Petersburg - 7:00 am Overnight Sept 17 - St Petersburg - sail away 6:00 pm Sept 18 - Helsinki - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sept 19 - Stockholm - 9:00 am Overnight Sept 20 - Stockholm - sail away 6:00 pm Sept 21 - At Sea Sept 22 - Kiel Canal Scenic Cruising 6:00 am - 4:00 pm Sept 23 - Amsterdam - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sept 24 - Dover - Disembark Thank you for any help you can give us. We are really getting excited to see all of the beautiful ports and experience cruising on the Pacific Princess. Carolyn Sacramento, CA
  16. We are cruise to the Baltics on the Pacific Princess on September 10, 2018. We have splurged on a suite for our first time on such a small ship and I would like to pre-order a Ultimate Balcony Dinner for us to enjoy one evening. Sept 10 - Dover - embarkation Sept 11 - Sea Day Sept 12 - Copenhagen - 10:00am - 11:00pm Sept 13 - At Sea Sept 14 - Riga - 7:00am -3:00pm Sept 15 - Tallinn
  17. We are sailing to the Baltics in September and I just looked at my Personalizer and there are no internet packages. Only available package is "cabin to shore calling". I am sure that there were packages some time ago. Maybe you can call Princess or wait and see if the packages show again. Carolyn
  18. May I ask who you are touring with? We are taking a Baltic Cruise in September on the Pacific Princess and are looking for tours. Thank you Carolyn
  19. Another vote for Taku Lodge. The flights were amazing and the salmon bake some of the best we have had in a group setting. The bear that visited when we were there was named Lois. Not sure if she is the same as Grandma Bear. We have some great pictures of her licking the BBQ grill after our salmon had been brought in. We would not hesitate to do this excursion again. Carolyn
  20. I have another EZAir question and wasn't sure if this thread or a new thread was the appropriate place to ask. We booked EZAir tickets in December 2017 for a flight to Paris pre-cruise and the return flight home from London in Business Class for $5808.46. I got this fare after re-booking from earlier cost of little over $6000.00. I have continued to monitor the airfares and suddenly this week the cost has gone up dramatically to $23,932.82. Final payment date for our September 10, 2018 Scandinavia & Russia cruise is June 27, 2018. Is there any advantages to paying for our flights now? Does anyone have any advice or past experiences about paying in advance to help us save our seat assignments and schedules if the airlines make changes to our flights. We fly from Sacramento, CA and picked out flights that only have 1 stop each way. Thank you, I appreciate if comments that you can make. This is our first time using EZAir. Carolyn
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