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  1. Are there going to be special flight rates or flight inclusive rates for June Cruise, or cruises out of St. Maartin?
  2. We will be staying in Rome next year for 1 day before and 5 days after our cruise. I was going to get insurance through my agent for the cruise, but what about coverage during the day before and after? And what about the flight insurance when using RCI air2sea?
  3. Please forgive Cruisemom42, I am posting on one of yours again because I don't know how to find us and I accidentally exited that tab 😞 I also don't know how to start a thread anymore. Away from CC to long. We are wondering if you know about travel insurance for Italy. We always get travel ins. for our cruises but have never checked into this.
  4. So glad that I was finally able to find a way to get in touch with you! Haven't been on the forum for a long time. Maybe I should keep this tab up so that I can find you again. CC seems to have changed a lot so I'm no good at navigating it anymore. I found your page but didn't see how to get in touch with you there. Generally we don't have a problem with walking except the time that we walked back to our place two blocks south of the Vatican from the Mouth of Truth area. Couldn't find a taxi. And another time, when on a cruise, we did the Parthenon and Pompeii! 🙂 Yes,
  5. Cruisemom, please forgive me for using this post to ask you a question. Actually, I could mention that we are finally getting to go to Jerusalem and Haifa as part of our Greek Islands cruise in May, 2022. I have always come to you for help in the past. This is about Rome. We continue to choose Rome as our sailing port so that we can spend a few days in Rome. Question: How to get up to Aventine Hill for the Rose Garden and Orange tree garden without a tour. With a taxi, they would leave and as far as I know there's no taxi stand there so we would have to call another taxi.
  6. We are on a May sailing from Rome to Greek ports but, of course, we may be switched to a Greek port because of virus. Just trying to figure out other options if the cruise isn't cancelled. We know what to do at Rome but not other ports. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the info. How far away is the bus and does it go to the bottom of the acropolis?
  8. Thank you Cruise Mom! We have felt that it's worth it to go at our own pace. This may be our last chance to go. Health, etc. We can always count on you for wonderful info!
  9. We will be there in May again and wish not to go on a tour to the acropolis because we feel we would wander around and see more on our own. I have seen somewhere that a taxi would be 54 E. Did you split the cost with someone else . We would probably going alone. And after the acropolis we might want to go to Plaka again. Thanks
  10. We went with a tour last year and didn't feel that we really had time to explore. How complicated or difficult is it to get transportation (prefer taxi) there and maybe then to Plaka and back to port? Thanks!
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