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  1. Everyone was upbeat. We had bad weather coming back and there were a few Grumpy Cats. Most of the crew know each other so you can ask your waiter to find them so you can explain for us. Thank you so much! The video I posted is Sean winning the belly flop on the Harmony, check it out.I will post the video of Rhapsody belly flop soon, also pics. Great weather overall. Captain very nice. Any more questions please ask. May your Seas be flat, And your tummies be Fat... The Moore's Ed, Deb, Sean and Amy 🙂
  2. We just got off last Saturday. Had a fantastic time. Crew were exceptional. Everything very clean. Shows good. Food great. 5 stars all around. Washy washy was much more intense, and the concerns about the virus were noticeable. We are booked on March 28th and have decided to rebook, as my son has Down Syndrome and is very susceptible. Hate to do it and our great waitresses Maria and Ladlyn were exceptional. They are at my time dining tables 125 thru 129. If you can let them know by contacting Steffan the head waiter and tell them we are sorry we will not see them again. They fell in love with our son and the service was unlike any we ever had. Ask for them if you like. He won the belly flop and was the 3rd sexiest man on the ship! Any questions fire away. 14BellyFlop_1.mp4 We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  3. Thanks for your response Sew. Sailing around on ships that are half full will cost them millions a week, including all the other cruise lines they own. I'm sure you will see a news report about what this is costing them soon. All their ships in the Med. are getting hit badly right now. We just got an offer for a free cruise to Italy. On our cruise the atmosphere was subdued and you could feel the tension from passengers and also the crew. My special son was upset when Captain did not shake his hand. We did "air bumps" wherever you go to hand bump and do not touch each other. Many crew hugged our son every day though. He won the belly flop contest and 3rd in Sexy man contest. It was great. Usual Beach, I looked at most of the posts about this and many folks can not go 6 pages deep on every post. As I said we just got off the ship. Also I was thanking RCL for this decision that will cost them greatly. Probably cancelling oue 3/29 cruise on Rhapsody. Not so much worried about getting sick, but being locked in your room for 2 weeks with no freedom drives me crazy to even think about. The U.S. Dept. of health says do NOT go on a cruise right now. I do not want to go on a half full ship as it will not be the same. May your seas be flat, And your tummies be fat. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂
  4. Visit the RCL site and RCL will let you cancel your cruise if you are uneasy with what's going on. We Salute Mr. Fain, the CEO for what will cost them millions of dollars... Just got the Rhapsody and had a fantastic cruise. Staff is exceptional! We're the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂
  5. He is not a step-grandfather. He is the boyfriend 51 years old on G'ma. Her mom is 40. The whole thing is nuts. RCCL will not lose a penny. They never do. So glad when this post goes away! Getting on the ship in one hour in Tampa! Yay! We're the Moore's Tampa Bay
  6. Thanks Cured, I am sure you will have a great time. Back in the old days the private island was the last day of the cruise to relax before no more stewards, great "free" meals. Now they want to make sure you spend that ASF the first day. (added service fees PP ) I think, not sure that RCL gets 55pp added per day to their cruise fare. The cruising industry is booming, and the "new" Ceo of NCL said they can charge whatever they want and people will not blink at all. We tip hundreds in cash as the crew no longer get your tips. We bring two suitcases of candy to give them. They love the recognition and it's crazy how great they treat Bring cash for tips and Candy! It is good for your soul. They work 12-14 hour shifts (off and on hours apart for about $4.25 per hour for 8 months at a time, sending all their money home as they are the champions for their families. Stick a few bucks and see how they appreciate you understand. May your Seas be flat, And your tummies be fat. We're the Moore's 🙂1339219314_DrunkenSailer-IrishRovers-YouTube.html Tampa Bay
  7. We are a family of 4. Did you see we're the Miller's movie? Jen Aniston is great. I am not nostradamus but you are very right. It is our opinion. Big storm bye bye. See my son on the Harmony winning the belly flop contest. Let's all loosen up a little please. It's always 5 o clock on the ship. May your seas be flat and your tummies be fat. United we stand> divided we.... We're the Moore's 🙂 Good luck to you and your family Brillo pad. Tampa Bay 14BellyFlop_1.mp4
  8. Thanks for the correction Brillo. there are 200 plus islands and it came in north of coco and hit the grand bahamas; my bad. check this out for the real deal. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/04/us/bahamas-hurricane-dorian-explainer-trnd/index.html My point is still the same. that thing they built to make tons of $$$ is not at all compatible for a serene place like this. Thanks for correcting us. We are the Moore's 🙂 Tampa Bay Rhapsody 2/29 & 3/22/2020 Video of our special son winning the belly flop contest with 400 lb guys! hope you like it.Harmony 10/22/2019. we had a great time. 14BellyFlop_1.mp4
  9. The hurricane missed coco cay by 100 miles. 90 to 110 MPH. Cat 2. It went in way north of bend over island. Trees bent, no damage at all. Aruba destroyed, 12 hours over their island. Cat 5 hurricane, we will see the slide soon in NYC, and the BIG balloon. Gilligan where are you? We're the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂
  10. You can spend a week at 5 star all inclusive resort for these over the top prices...for a day.
  11. We are going in 2 weeks. Did the Harmony 2x recently, had a great time but we really prefer no long lines, reservations, etc. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂1339219314_DrunkenSailer-IrishRovers-YouTube.html
  12. With Rcl cancelling cruises I think there will be some really good deals coming.... they need revenue and full ships. 🙂
  13. Rccl spent about 250 million updating the island. Rumour has it that they will make that back in 6 months. I really get annoyed that every one mentions "free" food, pools, etc. You pay a lot of money for the cruise so you paid for it and it is not at all free. Rccl is 2nd behind NCL for ASF's, added service fees. Added costs to each passenger. Spending hundreds to go to a water park for a few hours and stand in line is sort of a joke. 1st big hurricane and that big plastic tower will be heading towards New York... I personally like Gilligan's Island over donating to their stock futures. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂
  14. Thanks port, try starboard.... lol. 🙂
  15. Yes, you have til feb 18th to rebook with 25% off and $100 pp onboard credit. We re- booked, got the same cabin in Feb 2021 and REALLY got a great deal. You can use your TA which should have told you about this weeks ago. Go to the ccl site, click on news and you will find the email they sent to everyone. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂 Go
  16. It's called: Bend over and give us your wallets..... Day OHH Daylight come and we need our wallets back... What a joke.
  17. Booked 10/24 quad. Cruise cancelled. Got the same cabin 12/4 > 25% fcc $400 obc Not to mention the early saver rate we got. Let's get Happy! We're the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂 May your seas be flat, And your tummies be fat.
  18. If they tell you "double occupancy, that is for 2 people per cabin. Add another 1,700 folks and you have 6,700 passengers. Go to the late shows and you can walk in at showtime. We went to all the shows several times as we have a special son who live to see broadway shows.... Have fun! May your seas be flat, and your tummies be fat. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂 Brilliance 2/29, 3/29/2020 Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers - YouTube.html
  19. They DO NOT GET the $14.50 per day pp. We do that and $$$$ as well. They grab our folded gift for them like sea gulls, disappears in a second. It is not fair for them. We tip steward $50/60. Waiters $30. Maitred $20 Asst. head waiter $15 Helpers $5 Watching them smile for all their hard work makes it meaningful for us. When you are at guest services, pick up some free tipping envelopes, they are on the counter. We also bring two full suitcases of snack size candy for crew which the really enjoy. 🙂 TIP TIP TIP You will feel good about it. I know we do. We are the Moore's Brilliance 12/19 Rhapsody 2/22/20 Rhapsody 3/26/2020 Mardi Gras 10/24/2020 Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers - YouTube.html
  20. Thanks Doug, We appreciate your input. We have four folks so it gets a little pricey for what you get. We had the Head chef, Maitr'd & 2 sets of waiters at our table for our 2 cruises on Harmony weeks ago every single nite. It was really over the top as to the service we received. We passed out some good tips for all of them the last night. Ps: They never see the $14 a day you pay for them. It was fantastic. They brought out a platter with lobster tails, and no specialty restaurant has the service we experienced. Ps- we bring lots of candy for the crew every cruise. Lots. 14BellyFlop_1.mp4 Brilliance tomorrow, Rhapsody 2x Feb and April. Mardi Gras Halloween. Can't wait! We'll come home, stop at Sam's, get two or three 10 oz. Lobster tails, Ribeyes from Publix.Yum Yum! Take care and we hope your seas are flat, and your tummy be fat! Our special son entered the Belly Flop Contest and won with 4.99999999 Points out of 5. The ship adopted him and it was very emotional. We'll be back with Captain Johnny soon.
  21. I think paying retail at specialty dining places is a big scam. MDR is very good.
  22. The only thing we'll see at the shows every nite is cotton white hair all over the theatre! lol 🙂 Looks like cotton fields in the south... Carnival is where they pee when they can't find a bathroom..... really. been there, seen that. Harmony 9/22 and 10/06/ 2019 Canaveral Rhapsody 2/29 and 3/26/2020 Tampa Mardi Gras 10/24/2020 Canaveral
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