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  1. The UBD fee credit showed up on my credit card this morning with a transaction date of Aug 13, so right on 3 weeks from when I cancelled the UBD reservation prior to me requesting the FCD re-deposit.
  2. Yup. I made sure to request the refund to get the FCD returned. I’m a little short on FCDs, so when we do get back to cruising, I hope to book a boatload (so to speak) The low deposit with the FCD is more valuable to me than doubling my money (that I would get anyway if I use the FCD on a cruise at 14 days, or more which are the ones I’m looking at anyway)
  3. Our Alaska cruise for mid June was cancelled right on final payment date (April 12th). The FCD finally showed up in our CC account a few days before the mid June sail date. Our Thanksgiving HI cruise got caught up in the last pause, so I’m not expecting that FCD to re-appear for 6-8 weeks at best. I have no idea when the UBD reservation fee will be returned as that means paying out actual cash.
  4. Does anyone have anything good, or bad to say about the far forward deluxe balcony cabins on Riviera deck on the Majestic (or Regal, or Royal if push comes to shove. The deck plans seem to indicate that these cabins are mostly connecting cabins on the Regal and Royal and that is a no-no for me)? Cruise critic search sucks, hence my question. I’m looking at a cruise next year on the Enchanted. Suites are all gone, except the Sky suite, which is just a smidge above my budget (if a smidge can be considered around $20K USD! 🙂 ) There are no club class minis available, so I’ll make do
  5. I wonder if they will rip out the Asian market offerings (Karaoke, Chinese Restaurant, modified Vista lounge, larger casino) on the Majestic for her West coast swing? No Crooners, no cruising for me. Wouldn’t have minded trying the Chinese restaurant though.
  6. I’m booked on the November 21 cruise from LA to HI. and return and I don’t see us being able to take that cruise 😞. Looks like I’m going to have to remember how to cook turkey as this will be the first time in years that we won’t be on vacation over Thanksgiving. Im toying with a TA on the Enchanted next April and even that might be a tad optimistic.
  7. And Japan celebrates it on a Monday this year and Germany celebrates it in September, or October. I’m pretty sure that Princess is not going to bother with Thankgiving celebrations for each country that celebrates it at a particular point in time, but those cruises that do touch the CONUS do seem to make an effort to celebrate/ decorate for Thanksgiving given the majority of passengers are likely from the US.
  8. Was this on a cruise that did not originate or terminate in the US? Not many countries outside of the US, Canada and some Caribbean Islands (Liberia and Japan to name a few) actually celebrate Thanksgiving. We did a Tahiti cruise over Thanksgiving about 10 years ago and although turkey was one the menu for the American passengers, I don’t recall the ship being decorated for the occasion.
  9. We usually find that Princess switch to their Christmas decorations on turnaround day after The Thanksgiving Cruise ends. We once did a b2b on the Regal with the first week being the Thanksgiving week. Come turnaround in FLL a whole crew of decorators came on board and took down the turkey stuff and set up the Christmas decorations, so we got to see the transformation in action.
  10. I’ve done multiple Thanksgiving cruises on Princess. They usually have a formal evening on that date and as has been pointed out, they will serve roast turkey. Being formal evening, there is usually steak and lobster available as well, so I always pass on the turkey. 🙂 I’ve done two Christmas and New Year cruises on Princess. One year, we were about 9hrs behind UK time, so at 3PM the festivities started with a party at Skywalkers. Some officers were present and they turned on the TVs above the bar and we watched midnight strike in the UK. That was a long day as I think I got to bed
  11. The original 10 course meal in Sabatini’s on the Diamond back in 2005. I haven’t been back to Sabatini’s since they switched to the 3 course choice options. I still frequent the Crown Grill most cruises, though there has been a marked drop in quality over the years. When we first started cruising in the early 2000s, there was always one, maybe two meals on a cruise, where we thought “wow”. It’s been a number of years now since that last wow moment. Case in point would be the dessert soufflé. I couldn’t get enough of them on our 2003 HI circle. These days, they are prett
  12. Well I figured out where I was going wrong with my first search. I had selected business class both ways. It was picking up some business fares in United for the domestic leg and then business fares on AA for the return, so would need separate tickets hence the restricted fare type and the silly $13K quote. I then noticed an option to select the class for each direction, so I selected first for the domestic outbound and business for the international return. That brought up flights in the sub $1.5K range in total for both directions. A little bit of tweaking dates and using MIA ins
  13. Thank you. 👍 I had always gone through to picking a cabin and only then started looking for flights. For my cruise, Alicante was not an option for the return airport, so I switched to Madrid. My first search was rather disappointing. The quote was $13K+ each and that was a restricted fare, so almost 2x what I could find. I saw upthread that domestic savings aren’t all that good, but international is where the savings are to be found. I dropped the SAN-FLL as I can book that myself and I saw flexible fares. At first I thought, oh, the new search must have dropped back to
  14. Is there a way to see EZAir fares without having a cruise booked? I’m looking at the Spring TA on the Enchanted next year and would need a flight from SAN to FLL and then a flight home again from Spain. The cruise ends in Barcelona, but if possible, we would prefer to fly home from Alicante just down the coast so that my wife can stop in to see her sister for a few days. Looking at open jaw flights on ITA Matrix and Google, flights in business/first are stupidly expensive for what is effectively one domestic itinerary and one transatlantic itinerary. My wife and I can both fly to a
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