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  1. Our FCD was converted at a 1:1 ratio, but our TA OBC was converted at a rate more typical of USD:AUD.
  2. Thank you for the information. I would have been a little more tempted had I known that when the offer came in.
  3. I received an offer to move over on my upcoming Thanksgiving Cruise on the Royal. I was a little tempted, but I’ve read that the new cruise has to be taken fairly quickly and given that Christmas is coming up and I’ll be out of the office quite a bit, I couldn’t see where I could fit in the move over cruise. A quick question just in case another offer pops up on a later cruise. If you had booked the cruise under the Sip and sail promotion, would S+S follow you to the new cruise?
  4. If your phone/carrier supports WiFi calling (T-Mobile does) and you have a connection to a WiFi network, the you can make and receive calls and send and receive texts to your hearts content even if the phone is in airplane mode, but has WiFi/WiFi calling enabled. The other party doesn’t have to do anything different here. Your cell phone registers with your carrier, or roaming partner if traveling internationally, so that your carrier knows where to route calls/texts. All this is different here is that your cell phone uses a network connection, rather than a cellular one.
  5. On board the ship, you WILL want to put your phone into airplane mode and then re-enable WIFi and then enable WiFi calling. If you were not in airplane mode and somehow the WiFi dropped or if the phone detected a more stable signal via the ship’s cellular connection, then it’s possible for one to start racking up usage charges at about $5 a min to talk, or 50c per text sent. Airplane mode will ensure that the phone’s cellular radio will never be turned on. When my phone was updated to Android Pie a few months back, there was a setting to only use WiFi, prefer WiFi, or only use cellular, but they removed that option with the update and the phone itself decides which connection to use and in fact, the phone no longer informs you what connection it’s using, or if it’s even using WiFi calling connection. By enabling airplane mode and then enabling WiFi and WiFi calling, the phone can only make and receive calls/texts via WiFi and thus avoid any cellular fees.
  6. On most Princess ships, yes you have to pay for regular brewed coffee, but. I see that you are on the Regal and that does offer regular brewed coffee for free in the buffet and MDR. As I mentioned in my initial reply, I do not drink coffee, so I don’t know if you have to pay for regular brewed coffee elsewhere on the ship.
  7. Have your husband buy the coffee package. That way he will get unlimited brewed coffee for the duration of the cruise and he can opt to spend the specialty coffees on you as the “punches” can be shared. My wife and I took her parents on a cruise a few years back. I don’t drink coffee at all, but I bought the package for the unlimited tea and hot chocolate and my wife and her parents had 5 specialty coffees each from the punches.
  8. If you have Global Entry, bring your physical cards with you. There is a Global Entry line at the port of Fort Lauderdale and that will save you a bunch of time at immigration. Unlike at an airport, to utilize Global Entry at a sea port, or land crossing, you need to show the physical card to the CBP agent.
  9. We were probably addressing different comments in the thread. 😉 My comments were related to the very small number (if any) of US citizens working on board. As a non US expat, you could “relocate” to a tax friendly country and work a job in that country, or even another foreign country and hopefully minimize taxes. As a US citizen, even if you had relocated to that same tax friendly country and became a resident and worked in that country, or yet another foreign country, you would still be liable for US taxes. I get your point that say a Philippine citizen who maintains residence in the Philippines, would owe some kind of taxes in the Philippines, even if the income was earned whilst working on a cruise ship in Europe for example.
  10. You might want to check residency requirements for your numbers. There are 4 countries in the world that taxes foreign income on their non resident citizens. Those countries are Eritrea, Hungary, Myanmar and the USA. I am a UK citizen, reside in the US, only have US earnings and only pay taxes here in the US.
  11. The US is one of a very small group of countries that considers income earned by its citizens, to be subject to US taxes, no matter where in the world the income was earned. Best case is that the income was earned in a country that has a tax treaty with the US in that any taxes paid in the earning country can be used to offset any taxes due back in the US come tax time.
  12. As stated, sometimes a particular codeshare flight might be cheaper booking through one airline vs. another, even though it is ultimately on the same metal. I always book a BA flight back to the UK over Christmas and New Year, but always book it through AA. I have an AA frequenter flyer account and I get more benefits/rewards by having an AA flight number on the reservation. Even though the flight is booked through AA and is operated by BA, the AA rules apply as AA is the marketing carrier. I had a situation earlier this year where in one direction, the first class fare dropped dramatically and ended up only being a few hundred dollars more than the business fare I had originally booked. Had I booked through BA, they would have charged me the fare difference, plus a change fee. AA allows an upfare with no change fee, so all I owed was the fare difference.
  13. Unless you have status BA, they will charge for a seat reservation, unless you are in First Class, or you are booked into a full fare bucket, then no fee applies, though as has been pointed out on this thread, sometimes EZ Air will allow you to pick a seat. If you are on a codeshare flight, marketed by BA, but operated by AA, then there will be a corresponding AA PNR. You can use that PNR on the AA site and select a seat without fee (unless you opt for a main cabin extra (MCE) or premium seat) as AA don’t charge for seat reservations. -If you have the right status on American, then you can also select the MCE, or premium seats without a fee. I had an EZ Air reservation on AA from LAX to YVR (Vancouver) last month. Even before the ticket was fully paid for, I was able to select my seats in MCE and also put in a request for a complimentary upgrade to first class. As we got closer to departure and the flight was fully paid, I opted to switch to a miles and copy upgrade request as the first class cabin was filling up pretty fast, which cleared immediately.
  14. Does your Oregon grocery store ship? Nicolas Feuillatte at under $10 a bottle is a bargain 😉 Even after paying to ship it, it would still be cheaper than buying it at my local store.
  15. I sometimes find that the cruise personalizer gets screwed up and doesn’t let me enter SAN as my home airport which screws up AZ Air bookings. For some reason, the personalizer thinks I live in the UK and reports that SAN is not a valid airport for my location
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