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  1. Last time on Princess they carried a German N/A. They ran out half way thru the cruise. It was good when available
  2. Quick question. When you purchase a Silver Pkg. does that mean you can only havethe wine at dinner but not in your cabin ? Are you given the bottles up front ?
  3. On one cruise over Christmas there was Christmas Carol Music being piped thru ship. I was at the Guest Services Desk and a Muslim Lady as upset and offended about the music being played. She advised desk that she wanted the music stopped or else she would remove her Gratuities, which she did..... Music was not stopped.
  4. Quick question. I cannot consume alcohol due to heart medication I am taking. If my doctor writes a note advising of such do I still have to purchase package ? My wife would like to purchase pkg. but I cannot. Just want one pkg.
  5. Trying to get info on Tisa's . Can anybody share any info with them ? Pricing etc. Contact info ?
  6. We are doing 28 Day Cruise that includes Hawaii and Tahiti. From what I understand there are 3 Formal Nights. Our idea of formal for Tahiti is Hawaiian Shirts and slacks. Any info from people who have taken the 28 Day Hawaii /Tahiti Cruise.
  7. Twenty five years ago, flying to the Caribbean from California......used to have to pack suits, ties, too many shoes, formal attire and semi formal attire. Now, I think it is much more relaxes. With the cost of suitcases to bring all that stuff its nice that its not so much required. I agree that a nice pair of slacks, shirt maybe tie or w/o with a casual jacket is just fine for men. Ladies, maybe black cocktail dress that packs well add a little sparkle jewelry and that's fine also. I no longer pack long gowns or suits. I agree that anyone who wants to dress formal and drag all that stuff with....go for it. Even when we leave out of LA as we will this trip without flying I want to travel simply. But I agree on any night for dinner use common sense. A nice pair of jeans with a nice shirt and shoes....not flip flops is good for guys. No cut off jeans or tank tops please. Ladies also......common sense.... what would be okay at the buffet or around the pool should be taken up a notch. Looking forward to this cruise....we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and my husbands 70th birthday !!! Aloha !! Hopefully there will be a meet and greet on board...looking forward to it !!
  8. Aloha. My wife and I are doing a 28 Day to Hawaii and Tahiti. The ship has scheduled 4 Formal nights. Seems like a lot for the cruise plus the island itinerary. Formal nights for us will be Hawaiian Shirts etc. My DW would never allow me towear a T Shirt to the MDR. I have learned to listen after 50 years of marriage...
  9. Just returned from Ruby and had Lobster at Crown Grill. Not good at all. Looked like it had been run over by a truck. Presentation was horrible. Lobster was split down the middle not layered on top of the shell. Was no bigger than a large shrimp. My wife couldn't finish hers because it was like chewing on rubber bands. Should of went for the lamb chops.:cool:
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